Building a Gaming Rig

…so just wondering if anyone has suggestions for where to go for this. Not sure which of the local computers has the latest stuff in stock. Like HD4870x2…1000w PSUs…reputable 1200mhz RAM…that kind of stuff. Naturally, after purchase support is a must…not that I hope for there to be a problem, but just in case you know?

Or has anyone used any of the retailers from Lowyat to build a rig? I just don’t know how much I trust have the computer travel all the way over here on a ship or something… too much can go wrong, plus makes it tougher to talk to them about warranty/complaints/issues.

Anyway, suggestions most welcome.


How much is your budget ???
It’s all depend on how much the budget you can effort to get good stuff :smiley:

got miri people sell high end hardware at name lehteck. i get the cooler from him because he is from miri. Maybe u can find stratos also, he also from miri.

Not sure what kind of budget cap I want to set yet. Just doing some research into prices and how much it will cost me for a badass rig running Core 2 Quad, Crossfire or SLi ready mobo, etc, etc.

Well, what would you guys build for a budget of say… 5-6k. LOL! This should be a fun exercise for all. And the price needs to include a 24" WS LCD. =)

Let’s hear it… what would be your dream rig for that budget?

how much are u willing to spend on a 3d card… and gimme ur whole rig budget…~ i can figure it out for u…

just dun gimme budget like rm2k with 24" LCD… lol…~

Then how about 2k including a 6" LCD? =P

You know?

Core 2 Duo is better in games AS LONG AS you’re not a multitasking freak.

Clock frequencies is important for games.

what about something like from Alien? i mean the spec…

Alien’s specs is nice, but overpriced.

5-6k for a “gaming” rig is possible but a lot of corner need to be cut…a decent or really up to date will need at least RM10K…

my two cent only…

go get an ACER PREDATOR, RM6388, Q9450 (woooot!!), 4G DDR2, 640GB HDD in total, 9800gtx,7.1 sound card, and very nice casing

phew 10k… can’t buy a 2nd hand Kancil already. LOL!!

So what kind of specs for a 10k rig then? =P And don’t say Alienware… cuz you’re paying an extra 20% just for the brand. =P

[quote=“LWong”]phew 10k… can’t buy a 2nd hand Kancil already. LOL!!

So what kind of specs for a 10k rig then? =P And don’t say Alienware… cuz you’re paying an extra 20% just for the brand. =P[/quote]

10k budget too much lor, but if u manage to spend it on a single rig then i can’t say anything right? since it’s your own money and it’s your ability to pour so much in your gaming rig (cemburu i say xD)

so get some quad sli for 9800gx2 (8 GPU in total woohoo!!!), QX9770, 4x1g ddr2 1066mhz, nvidia nforce mobo, thermaltake liquid cooling system, some real power PSU, some coolermaster or lian li casing, 30 inch LCD, 4x500gb S-ATA, razer mouse & keyboard, 7.1 surround ready sound card, some 5.1 or 7.1 speakers that comes with B.I.G subwoofer

sayang your rig from now on =)

really? but all the parts we get our own ma…just assemble the thing & call it ET.

other than alienware, Falcon Northwest isn’t bad as well

basically the same thing…owh well…

anyway, do they have sales reps around asia?

i guess if u wanna order alineware laptops or desktops, i can help… all i need is time…~

Eric, Where are you going to get the Alienware laptop/desktops from? Until now I keep trying to find a way …

Someone told me I could get from Dell =/

well…actually Alienware is subsidiary of Dell.

btw, how you get one? … uters.aspx

i’m thinking of Area-51 Quad Core Flagship for desktop.

Wow…when you aim, you aim high! But once again, you are definitely paying for the brand. I must admit that their cases look wicked!