Build your own Custom Guitar Here. [ Pics Updated ]

Hey mate,

Visited your website,and you got some nice axes

whats your contact number? so i can call you to talk about my guitars.please email your contact to my email address: I am located in kl.u?

I really need to do some customizing for all my three guitars.I have tried a luthier before but i can hardly reach him coz he does not answer my i saw ur ad here.i registered an account here just to get in touch with you so i can get my guitars customized.please i need assistance.please reply.Thanks.

ALL messages replied.

gino, can you make a jackson randy rhoads guitar?

if you do, can you give me the price?
btw, i only need a floyd-rose bridge, 24-frets, and a bridge pickup(active pu).

pm me the price.

ooh loolol i came across this website some time ago :smiley: cool cool…

that rosewood lespaul picture on the site looks sexy. im also interested in building guitars and stuff :slight_smile: cool to see someone else who is! :smiley:

Sorry to let u guys know that i’m already quit this service few months ago because not profit making.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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