Bug? or Connection error?

Well i didn’t see any bug reporting section but i’ve been getting this recently whenever i click on the http://www.miricommunity.net/index.php link which is the main index of MC.net

phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database

But, if i used http://www.miricommunity.net it loads up fine though a little slow… hrm i take that little slow back… its very slow… as if something is blocking.

Here’s a screenshot.

Hi Saf,

Firstly, welcome to MiriCommunity.net. It looks like a problem on the hosting server end which is restarting mysql server - as a result, the HTTP server is still running, but unable to connect to the database server. I’ve been getting that problem these few days here as well. But before that, everything was of expected speed - possibly it was CNY and less traffic between the east and west. Anyway, will hope to upgrade to a better server soon. :smiley:

P/S: I’ve moved this topic to Suggestions for MiriCommunity.net forum.

Ah i guessed so :slight_smile:
I have a lil knowledge on bits n pieces but i’m not at all that good :stuck_out_tongue: just a mediocre.
Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile: Looking forward to a great time here ^^

Lately the problem has been occurring almost ALL the time, I guess its time for a webhost switch? or perhaps an upgrade?

Actually, you’ll notice that the pattern is worse at nights particular around midnight than any other time of the day, probably the server is unable to handle the load during those times usually meant for scheduled crons like backups etc.

What datacenter are you guys using currently? interested to convert to vbulletin?