Buffet dinner at imperial mall 5th floor

Hi all, i wan to ask is imperial 5th floor buffet nice? any opinion :?:


i will not recommend u go for any buffet at imperial…

i heard from a friend…not bad. doesn’t look like the early one(sux).
i not sure yet…need go try by myself.

is it sux or wat? :shock:

not just sux…but it’s d.a.m.n dirty…

I like the food, nice. Just tried the buffet on last week which the theme is carvery. not bad. you can find juice station there. oh ya, the peking duck roll not bad. oh yummy.

sounds good

what is the price for adults and children?

[quote=“Datuk_big_boss”]sounds good

what is the price for adults and children?[/quote]

Adult i think is RM43++ and 10% discount when you present your boulevard member card.

Guys… i will be go for the valentine’s buffet dinner at imperial. heard from some of them said is special dish serving or arrangement and is limited couples also. anyway, i LOVE the band there. they are so fantastic… there’s one night i went there but is at the restaurant. Unexpected that they sang the song “speedy gonzales” wow ! they can imitate the sound the same. Listen to it. You will love them.


izit? i dn realize tht thr dirty wor…
u ever see something tht make u feel it is dirty izit?
mind to share?

i just came back from nz. Tried all the buffet in Miri as i got quite a big appetite.i recommend Dynasty Hotel Carvery dinner, i think they only got it on Fri-Sat night. I’m giving 9/10 for that.As for imperial…the environment is quite nice and more spacious, the only thing i think they will need to improve is the food quality and the kitchen hygiene (got hair in my food). So out of 10 i’ll give them 4.all credit to the environment.Mega Hotel the food is all right, just sometimes feels like there is no privacy eating there cause too many ppl can look at you having a meal. Marriot and ParkCity highly recommend it for the environment. Nice and peaceful. Beside, the food is nice but i think they should improve the services. Didn’t get my plate clear for few minutes after i left my table. I had to ask the waiter to come and collect it. For the best buffet Dynasty Hotel Carvery dinner is still my number 1 choice. Highly Highly Highly recommend it!!

izit? i dn realize tht thr dirty wor…
u ever see something tht make u feel it is dirty izit?
mind to share?[/quote]

kitchen hygiene…very very very bad…how i know?? i ever done my practical there…

How bad is the hygiene ? mind to share the experiences?