Bruneians geared up for highly anticipated Sabah fishing tournament

HARDCORE Bruneian anglers are no strangers to fishing tournaments around the Southeast Asian region, having participated in the annual fishing events such as the Labuan International Deep Sea Fishing Tournament and Miri Deep Sea Fishing Tournament.

This year, the Sabah Anglers Association have once again joined forces with Sabah Tourism to organise the Sabah International Fishing Tournament 2017 at Layang-Layang Island from April 25 to 30. The boat journey to the island – located roughly 280 nautical miles west of Kota Kinabalu – will take approximately 24 hours.

Last year’s event saw around 20 teams from Brunei, China, Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore (Malaysian teams made up more than 50 per cent of the total) . This year, Brunei will send two teams of a total of 12 anglers – with one boat skippered by Rapawi, and Taib commandeering the other.

The two are the founders of the ‘Precious Angler’ fishing club in Brunei.

Brunei participants in a group photo during last year’s tournament

As for the costs of participating in the tournament, boat rentals could go up to RM20,000, due to high demand in the lead up to events. Fishing gears will set an individual angler another B$3,000-4,000.

Last year teams were sponsored by Alif Enterprise, Brubay Shop and Deepblu for items such as jerseys, fishing tools, entrances fees and hotel accommodation.

Last year, Abdul Latiff bin Haji Thabit, a Bruneian, won 3rd prize (RM5000) in an individual event with his 34.6kg Escola fish catch.

Abdul Latiff will participate in this year’s tournament with the Brunei Team B.

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