Brunei Sport Car For Sell

Nissan Fairlady For Sale

  • 350z Manual
  • Brunei Car Plate
  • Car in Tip Top Conditions comes with sport Rims, Sliver Colour

Asking for RM75,000

If interested, please call 013-8342882

details pls…and upload the pictures if can…Thanks

can loan here?

brunei car not allwed to use here l0r … ? if dnt have permits … sure compound rm1000 …

pic please

Picture of the car.

still available?

still available? cash term or can loan?

i think mostly cash term, since we malaysian not working in brunei, we can’t get the loan from brunei. plus in order to buy it, we need to have brunei IC, if not the ownership can’t be transfer

even if the owner selling it for RM1k, without valid brunei ic, ownership of the car can’t be transfer