Brunei: Jail if non-Muslims greet Muslims Assalamualaikum

Brunei: fine $12,000 or 3-year jail if non-Muslims use Assalamualaikum

[b]- Syariah will apply on non-Muslims in some offenses

  • Talking about religion other than Islam to a person of no religion is not allowed

  • Women not necessary need to cover up[/b]

Assalamualaikum is an Arabic greeting often used by Muslims and even non-Muslims in the Islamic world. It translates into “peace be upon you”, but can also be considered the equivalent of “hello”, “hi” or “good day” in English. If you are non-Muslim in Brunei though, such term must not be used.

Non-Muslims who use this greeting in Brunei will be fined $12,000 or jail 3 years

Foreign envoys in the Sultanate yesterday expressed concerns about how the new Syariah Penal Code Order will affect the rights of their citizens living in Brunei. During a briefing on the new Syariah legislation at the International Convention Centre, legal officials tried to clarify some of the concerns envoys had for expatriates in Brunei.

Hj Mohd Yusree Hj Junaidi, Assistant Solicitor-General at the Attorney Generals Chambers (AGC), stressed that the legislation is applicable to all persons in Brunei, irrespective of nationality. While the majority of the laws apply only to Muslims, there are some offences where non-Muslims can be prosecuted under Syariah law, such as committing adultery with a non-Muslim, or consuming alcoholic beverages in a public place, among others.

Responding to a question from the Russian Ambassador His Excellency Victor Seleznev, Hj Mohd Yusree said under the Order it would be an offense for non-Muslims to use traditional Islamic phrases or words such as Assalamualaikum or insyaAllah in a publication or public assembly. Offenders can be punished with a fine of up to $12,000 and/or a term of imprisonment of up to three years.

Brunei: Talking about religion other than Islam to a person of no religion is an offense

The assistant solicitor-general added that it is also an offense to propagate other religions besides Islam to Muslims and persons of no religion. With regard to this, Philippines Ambassador His Excellency Nestor Ochoa asked whether it is permissible for Christians to wear religious symbols such as crosses or lockets depicting Catholic saints. The right to practice ones own religion is guaranteed under the (Brunei) constitution, Hj Mohd Yusree replied.

He added that one of the most popular questions raised by foreigners was whether a conservative dress code will be introduced, requiring women to dress modestly and wear headscarves. That is a policy decision which I cannot answer, said the legal counsel. Under Islam, both men and women should cover their aurat, but it is not an offense under the Syariah (Penal Code) not to do so.

He urged people to use their common sense in the application of the law, and said people should still dress modestly in accordance with cultural norms. When asked by the US Ambassador His Excellency Daniel Shields whether the government had any plans to educate foreigners and tourists about the new laws, Hj Mohd Yusree said the authorities do plan to disseminate relevant information to foreign missions in Brunei and that members of the public can access the full text of the legislation on the AGC website.

It is not compulsory for women to cover up in Brunei

Several embassies have requested the AGC to brief their citizens on how the new laws will affect them. British High Commissioner His Excellency David Campbell noted that the introduction of the Syariah Penal Code had caused some negative global reaction, and urged the Brunei government to disseminate more information through briefings and the media.

The assistant solicitor-general added that Syariah courts have criminal jurisdiction on offenses committed outside Brunei by Brunei citizens or permanent residents. He admitted though that there would be difficulty in conducting investigations in another country, or bringing foreign eyewitnesses to testify in Brunei. For an offense committed outside Brunei Darussalam to be prosecuted under Syariah law, it would require the confession of the accused.

Hj Mohd Yusree said of offensees which carry the harsh punishment such as amputation, stoning and the death penalty require a high burden of proof where there must be no room for doubt. It would be quite difficult to find several eyewitnesses who are adil (fair), and the likelihood that these cases would proceed in the Syariah court is very small, he told envoys. He explained that each criminal case will still be investigated by police who will then pass the case to the Attorney Generals Chambers for prosecution. The case will be assessed by the public prosecutor who will determine whether the case will proceed to the civil or Syariah court.

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I like/used to greet Assalamualaikum to my dear Malay friends and relatives!!! luckilly im not Bruneian >.<

Thanks for sharing

i know how Brunei sy__iah law will not affect me.

i dont go there. :lol:

next time a mu__im tells me Al__h created heaven and earth, i think i can beg to differ and tell him his Al__h only created him. Christian must have been created by christian God, Hindus must have been created by Hindus Gods, Jews must have been created by Yahweh, Sikh must have been created by WaheGuru, Buddhist must have been created by God knows what.

to the mu__im i would say how to acknowledge that your Al__h created heaven and earth when we are not even allowed to utter the Al__h word to say so. right? :wink:

They should begin by enforcing Sharia laws on the Royal Palace. Plenty of stories about the Sultan and his harem. Brunei really is regressing faster than any other country in SEA.

“TALIBANising” Brunei? With those absurd laws being implemented.

something is seriously wrong with brunei…

question – if muslim in brunei greets me assalamualaikum, can i reply mualaikum salam?

or i should walk away?

[quote=“k-ray”]question – if muslim in brunei greets me assalamualaikum, can i reply mualaikum salam?

or i should walk away?[/quote]

You can greet them “GONG XI GONG XI” or “GONG XI FA CAI”

It’s the most ■■■■■■ up religion and law.

This! … -year.html


[quote=“MonkeyKing”][quote=“k-ray”]question – if muslim in brunei greets me assalamualaikum, can i reply mualaikum salam?

or i should walk away?[/quote]

You can greet them “GONG XI GONG XI” or “GONG XI FA CAI”[/quote]

Very hilarious. :lol: