Brunei folk flock to Miri bazaars


Sunday September 23, 2007

Brunei folk flock to Miri bazaars

MIRI: Ramadan bazaars in this northern border city are packing in the crowds from neighbouring Brunei.

Buka puasa stalls have mushroomed, attracting visitors from the sultanate on Fridays and the weekends, when there is a visible surge in vehicles with Brunei number plates.

This is not only because the food is much cheaper thanks to the Brunei dollars favourable exchange rate but also due to the uniqueness of the local fare.

Local goodies like the durian tempoyak (durian sambal), the Japanese apam (apam with meat and spices) and the somyam (a Malay-Thai style tomyam) are in great demand.

This city of 300,000 people offers an interesting cross-breed of cakes, food, drinks and other delicacies mainly because of the nature of its population.

Being the most culturally diverse city in Sarawak, Miri has at least 19 major ethnic groups, a large population of resident foreigners, topped up by the Bruneians who cross the border every day.

This time of year is a profitable time for local food traders.

For example, in the Saberkas Commercial Centre near the city centre, hundreds of people come daily to patronise the nearly 100 stalls that have been set up for Ramadan.

Must be more crowded comparing to last year ya…

I miss it man… normally i will ride my bike, and join in on buying some foods for dinner if I am there…this time… miss it all… :frowning:

Ya… big crowd everyday… too sad you missed the fun Smallee. :frowning: :frowning:

Sometime this seasonal trader (only during Ramadan) just didnt sell quality food. They are out there to get peoples money… :frowning:

I just go there once to look see only…too crowded lo…!!!

Good for you to miss it. Do you know the food is not hygiene at all. Flyover construtions added new recipe to the taste. I can’t believe nobody is controlling. Our authority is blind.

i think Saberkas weekend market should either move in to the parking lot in the middle of the centre or move away la… because now is too close to the flyover… i remember one time, traffic jam over there because one big bus from Brunei just stop next to the road side and cause the rest to jam. So when I pass by this bus, I just blast my horn and look at that bus driver and signal to him with my hand and asking him to move forward ( He should stop in front of the Boulevard Restaurant. I was very angry at that time not because it is a bus from brunei… i will do it even it is our local bus…

I just don’t like buses because they think they are the King of the road… stop when they want and cut the lanes when they feel like it…

Oppsss… did I went off topic now… :oops: