Bring your Umbrella!

I give people advice when they come to Miri - always carry a small umbrella in your bag!

The rain can come from nowhere. I have found this to be a good tip

I am this way where I live now so I guess it wont be much of a difference! We will have sun one minute, clouds and rain the next, sun again, then a thunderstorm! It is wild here haha

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Coming to this time of the year the unpredictable change of weather is not unusual. Be prepared for the worst when floods strike any time. :fearful:

I was getting ready at 6 AM for my morning fitness exercise at the park and there came the drizzle, not heavy but would be a nuisance. Seeing that the rain wouldn’t stop at least for another half hour, I had to stay back at home. What a waste of a fresh morning… :disappointed:

winwin, sometimes you just have to brave it, then shower and redress at home :wink:

When I was a kid I used to run out of the house when it rained heavily. I had so much fun jumping up and down and singing in the rain. I don’t use umbrella at all. I think men who use umbrellas are pondans.


I did the same too but without the Bollywood singing and prancing. It’s also fun to play outdoor sports in the rain because it brings a whole new experience in how you could get badly injured.

A week ago it was raining heavily in Abu Dhabi and I heard that only happens once or twice a year. Then a friend told me that when it rains there, the locals will stop work, setup tents outdoors, and party in the rain. I know - it’s very different and unique.

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Once a while playing in the rain does bring back childhood memory. Although Mom always say " masuk masuk" and behind, dad will pluck big leaf for us to ride and swing down a small valley.
At time, just playing under the rain while mom at the kitchen washing dishes, and let us play for a while before she will say " enuf enuf, go inside the house ’ hhahah…

Being under the rain of coz not on ur daily working routine, but when the day you feel like throw everything out of your shoulder and embrace the breeze of mother nature that shower us, just at your own moment being refreshed up.


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Yup, can never predict the weather especially when putting the laundry outside to dry.

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Wow it has been raining since this morning and I hope it doesn’t go on till next morning. Fortunately the rain is intermittent heavy at one time and slow at another time.