Bring your friend around miri

If your friend is coming to visit miri, what are the places you will bring them to? and what local food must eat?

kueh chap

kueh chap

kueh chap

kueh chap

er… and laksa…

hahaa… even i dont take kueh chap…tat’s why i dunno where got nice kueh chap…

im out of idea, where to eat… :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry you muslim?

Hopoh, Krokop

If muslim guy where to take them? I’m not muslim thou…

Lutong Market noodle stall!!.. edit Never try never know.

But some of the shop says “Serve no pork” of coz la… hahaha where got pork can become their customer… I mean not lutong market…

How about Pakcik Wan at Lutong? I recall they serve the halal version of mee kolok which is good (that was a few years back).

go to makan maniacs website for more details!!


Oh yes, they have good coverage of foods in Miri. :smiley:

bring them to the barbecue street at emart. let them know how nicely local iban can barbecue

which 1 a?

kueh Chap?!?! I tot is “Bian Bian Hu” the famous food~ :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

kolo mee also nice…rojak…

kueh chap, laksa… mee ah tak… hehehe

kolok mee
kueh chap
open air chick porridge and mee kolok
open air char kueh tiao
ang dao chendol
all food i miisss lots~!