Bright Smile dental

Hello! Can anyone tell me the location of bright smile dental in miri? Like near or beside where? I tried to follow the addressgiven but… No pro leh finding roads at Miri and I ended up getting lost last time cries


Google Maps

Bright Smile Dental Clinic

1061, 1st Floor, Jalan Bintang Jaya 1, 98000, Miri, Sarawak

have you tried google maps? it will lead you right there

Hi! Thank you for your response.

Yes I tried it already and I’ve seen the buildings along the Jalan Bintang Jaya. But I didnt find it. And I thought the address is somewhere in Jalan Yakin?

Yes, go into the Yakin commercial centre…
did you see Smart Signature Living or Miri Cafe?

Mm no… I don’t know where’s Yakin commercial centre, that’s why I got lost. Is it somewehere in Bandar Miri? :frowning:

Poor dear. It’s at Krokop area if you drive along Lorong 4 after passing SMK Pei Min. But if you drive along Jln Red Crescent from Miri town, it’s facing the main road on your left at Yakin Commercial Centre before you see Faradale Commercial Centre on your right a short distance away. The sign board bears a mouth with pearly teeth, you won’t miss it. :slight_smile:

Hi! Wow thank you for your detailed instructions. I really appreciate it. I’ll try to find it later. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Use Waze (app), type the address