Bridal Show @ Boulevard 8 Jul 2006, 7.00pm

There will be a bridal fashion show tomorrow at 7pm. Anyone interested in shooting can join me and g400 there. :smiley:

some shap shots from the event.

wide angle lens courtesy of g400g400.


More! More! More!.. :smiley:

Some shots from the same events.

and here’s more…

wow relaxjack,ur event’s shot now really improve BANYAK BANYAK :smiley:

persoanlly,i like the one with wide angle len,the mood really there…Also,some closer potrait very nice,especially the model i like,hehehe

i found u used flash for the shots, honestly,i still prefer those without flash,more natural :wink:

overall,WELLDONE :smiley:

opsss…salah,those with flash are mainly from G400…that series i prefer #5 who is my favourite model…but honestly and personally,i still like natural and without flash… :stuck_out_tongue:

Permission to all to put up these pics on gallery? With catergories to each one of you as contributors.

whoa, nice shots :wink: I like!
Bravo and good job guys :slight_smile:
p/s: Got the ladies pvt no? Lol.

what a nice photo you got there… superb photo… nice contrast and lighting, especially using tyhe available light on stage…

My4to, where your photo?? mind sharing?? and heard that you’ve got your new toy… How was it??

Btw, nice bridal designs too (does this design wins?),
im not an expert about fashion,
but i can sure tell which designs is nice :smiley:

anyway kudos for those submit these pictures. 8)

Ian: i will upload them to gallery. Still got plenty of pic waiting for me to PP. too busy with work these few days.

Clap3…nice picz!! :slight_smile:

Errrr…ehem2 shud u need model 4 yr photo-taking session nxt tm, here’s 1 on ‘standby mode’ hehehe… :oops:

you volunteer to be our model?? :smiley:

count me in if there is a free model shooting sessions :slight_smile:

:oops: Im nt tat ‘photogenic’ bt i don mind 2giv it a try tho…

Don’t worry on that… the photographer will make you be the most beautiful one in the picture… that the power of photographers!!!

Photo memang ‘tajam’ & cantek Sangat!

hmmmm… i smell a portrait sessions soon… :lol: