Breeder proud of new 'hybrid'

Breeder proud of new ‘hybrid’

ARAU: Goat breeder Kamis Hussein may have discovered a new hybrid of goat which is smaller than popular breeds.
The 60-year-old coined the goat as “Bopari”, claiming it was a hybrid of the Boer and Jamnapari breeds.

Though it has not been certified by the Veterinary Department, Kamis said there was a high demand for the Bopari goats.

“Many buyers looking for medium-sized goats prefer my Bopari goats. A Bopari is not as big as the Jamnapari or bulky as the Boer.”

Kamis, who has been rearing goats for the past two years in Kampung Sena here, made the discovery after placing the two breeds of goats in a single stable.
“When the goats began to breed, I noticed that the newborns were much smaller in size.”

Kamis now has about 60 Bopari goats in his farm.

He earns an average of RM1,500 a month from his venture.

While the larger Jamnapari could fetch up to RM800 per animal, Kasim’s Bopari goats are sold for less than RM400 per animal.

Jamnapari, which originates from India, can grow up to a metre high and weigh up to 100kg. Boer is one of the world’s popular breeds of meat goats.

Meanwhile, state Veterinary Services Department direc-tor Dr Tariq Jaafar said representatives from the department would look into Kamis’ claims of producing the Bopari breed.

“We will run some tests to determine the exact breed of his Bopari goats.”

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he can get rich if his ‘breed’ is new by filing for trademark or patent…