Breast Cancer Awareness campaign on Oct 22

MIRI: Miri Hospital has recorded more than 1,500 patients diagnosed with different types of breast cancer as of December last year, indicating that breast cancer is still the number one killer among women.

For a breast cancer survivor who had to undergo mastectomy to remove the affected breast, post-surgical therapy is vital for recovery and restore her confidence.

PRIDE Foundation Malaysia is a charity body that aims to enhance awareness, efforts and improve accessibility to treatment and care of breast cancer patients from all levels of society.

Apart from disseminating information on breast cancer and providing public awareness and education on the importance of early detection, PRIDE is providing inspiration and encouragement to patients and survivors to lead a full life after breast cancer.

One of the ways is assisting patients in using prosthesis breast which is deemed to be beneficial to the survivor’s health and confidence.

PRIDE and Makna (National Cancer Council, Malaysia) will be joining the Miri Hospital Surgical Department and Miri Divisional Health Department in the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness campaign which will be happening on October 22 at E-mart Riam from 10am to 3pm.

The one-day event is mainly to raise awareness among members of the public of the early stage of breast cancer, detecting the symptoms and prevention.

According to head of Surgical Department, Dr Zulkifli Mohamad Zainuddin, various activities including awareness talks will be conducted by doctors and medical officers during the campaign.

“When we talk about breast cancer, we also like to attract the public’s attention to patients who undergo mastectomy (removal of one or both breasts). It is merely about the surgery or treatment itself, but breast cancer affects both physical and emotional health. Therefore, we encourage Mirians to come and join us at the booths to learn about breast cancer and detection methods.”

Besides that, a seminar on the benefits of using prosthesis breast for mastectomy patients will be held to give a clearer picture of what to expect post-surgery.

Bekenu assemblywoman Rosey Yunus will launch the campaign.