BREAKING NEWS: BN people want to vote for PR!

Ling HL, who is a member of a BN party, said the PR will take over for sure this election. Having seen the mess in her own party, Ling said most of her own comrades also wanted a change in the government. There are too many things that are not right with the government. In the end, all the people will suffer while those in high places talk and talk and lie and lie to be voted in again, she said with disgust, referring to the electoral fraud.

One of her friends, Joyce who is in the committee of the same party said life was getting too difficult for the ordinary people as the government continued to turn a blind eye to the real issues in the country. Instead there is too much politicking including in our own party. Everyone wants position and power but no one wants to work. So how do you expect us not to be disappointed? A lot of our members voted for PR in the state election, she pointed out. … s&Itemid=2

This is “breaking news”? :roll:


Najis not blind la… that Y now he starting register the Indonesian, Philippines, Mynmar & ETC so he can ask them for vote in exchance for IC. :lol:

fyi, najib started to give “Bonus” civil servant… now is Kedah.

The half month bonus?



itu dia. beli hati rakyat dengan duit rakyat.

Half month? My company cincai2 pun 2 month bonus every year.

The government cannot afford to give too much bonus lor since they have to cut spending…

I think even Pakatan Rakyat states are giving the same to their state civil servants to avoid their own civil servants being discriminated.

Serving officers are given bonus equivalent to 1/2 month salary and the lowest should not be less than RM500 for the lower income groups. Pensioners will be getting a bonus of RM500 each. However, I believe it is said in the newspapers that Penang is paying not less than RM600 for the lower income groups.


itu dia. beli hati rakyat dengan duit rakyat.[/quote]

agree totally with what you said…