Break-in this morning at 10am

fainted…still got time to look for second hand parts ka… :shock:

he ask now, later he will forget to ask ma

that part inside the PC that stolen la…so who jual murah2 then u know la…

Break-in…not robbery…

Surprisingly no crime scene technician process the scene…take photos then goto police station to make report n statement…how can they ever find the thieves??no fingerprint wat-so-ever? i guess it will be forgotten case…the patrol car came slightly later after CID came…lambat because buat tangkap but he sempat apologised…but again he didnt radioed his colleagues to look for suspected car…

latest,Don’t know exactly what time ,there’s another robbery at medical store road moments ago.

u mean houses in medical road?

Medical store road is the one that links airport road to Tanjong hilltop road,as you pass hilltop garden intersection towards airport,it’s on the right turn.How serious I don’t know but it scared the ■■■■ out of my niece’s friend who happened to be the victim’s neighours.