Brand New DREAMBOX DM500S Satellite Decoder

some people wan save money, use less astro card, the quality kanasai. Depend whose server u use.

I need more info too, someone PM me pls…

Interested to set up one at workplace…

the quality really kanasai now compare with previous system. mine also cant watch since yesterday :evil: i gona ask for refund liao. useless crap and need to pay rm40 per month :expressionless:

server problem since yesterday. whole malaysia using dreambox cant watch.

aiya need wait for 3 days!

My Drama! Golden Path :frowning:

Buy the decoder, connect to streamyx and can watch already :smiley:

All astro channel are available 8)

my dreambox also cannot watch @stro .

any updates?

i wan watch astro on demand =.=

Can anyone update me why all dreambox cannot watch astro? Is it they change their system again or they found out about the card sharing thingy and stop us from using? Any solution? If not I will subscribe back my Astro. Still waiting for answers.

just wait for another few days. BTW, there are 2 extra satellites you can watch from your Dreambox as well.

So the quality is not comparable to astro?

Guess I’ll pass.

Dreambox can watch other two satellites? how ? do we need to adjust the satellite dish ?

Hi Devilboy, if your server provider is slow, pls check with him. There are still other high quality server provider.

currently astr0 is down, nobody know when it will be up again… i the mean time, there are other satellite package available…

Ya. The dreambox reception is worse.
Lagging very serious.
I bought this package less than half year.
Just got info from the service provider, he said dreambox might not be able to watch Astro anymore.

D@mn… Sad me…

Any other alternative?

yuri satellite tv.

What is yuri satellite tv?
Can tell more?

china satellite that can spin

How? How much? STable? more info?

not sure nice or not, i watch rmvb download from internet, way more better than astro. hehe

i only know got many china channel.