Bracess.. any experience?

I will start wearing my braces in 2 weeks time to treat my overbite problem… im feeling nervous bout it… the treament will take about 1.5 to 2 years. i heard that it will be painfull and uncomfortable… but i decide to courage myself to do the treatment for my own good. can anyone here share their experience with braces? i juz need to prepare myself before the day… and to make sure that it worth the $$. thnks.

i just put on my braces about 1 month ago.
separators - yes, those little things will really give u pain.
but braces, so far not as terrible as separators.
pain may come occasionally, but not everyday.
at first u’ll get dry lips - so keep ur lip balm handy.

gud luck!

elanie, what is separators? my dentist only talk bout braces and retainers. by the way, which clinic u went to? im on Bright Smile @ Jalan Bintang. Total treatment cost is 5.8k … regardless of how mahy visits. how bout yours?

Will hurt quite a bit whenever you go back to get it tightened (hurt, as in unable to chew solid food for 2 days). Depending on the dentist’s job, there might be complications once in a while. For example, once, the dentist didn’t do a proper job while changing the wires. Had a sharp wire end poking out of the back after I ate dinner (food probably pushed the excess wire he did not cut off), which led to a bleeding mess, then had to call him and get it done at like 9pm lol. I went to Dr Aziz, friendly guy, but can be quite careless at times.

It’s worth the pain though.

OMG! dont go to bright smile there!
they asked you to sign an agreement contract right? because that dentist doesnt have the license to do bracers.
i heard some of their customer teeth went back to old position after the treatment.

I suggest you yi siew chi :?

but his dental clinic just opened around 2 yrs+ ago…how many customers would have completed the treatment to give these comments?? I go there too for my braces, things are okay so far. Of course I can’t say anything about after the removal. But things should be alright if you wear the retainers well.

to icaruz, don’t worry. It only hurts a bit at the beginning and you’ll find it somewhat weird to feel so many metal things in your mouth but you’ll get used to it in a week’s time. Wish you all the best!

hm…now i feel not sure of doing this… too costly and too painful. i havent sign the contract yet. scared bout what legend told bout bright smile clinic… cshlee, why u choose bright smile instead of dr. aziz?

i wanted to get braces to. juz not sure which doc to go to…

Truthfully, my mum brought me there in first place. Dr Sim, the orthodontist of Bright Smile, appeared to be a rather friendly, gentle and assuring person. As for his experience and skills, he worked as an orthodontist in NZ for some years before he migrated back here so I don’t worry much about that. Besides, I find him responsible for he helped a lot after the discovery of my minor complications which required a surgery before I have my braces on.

Another thing is that it’s much easier to arrange appointments at Bright Smile compared to Dr Aziz’s very packed schedule. And the nurses there are nice enough to give me a reminder through sms a day before each of my appointment. So, that’s about it.

Just go for it if you want. I thought a lot before I went for mine too but it really isn’t that scary as expected. (=

i cancelled my deal with bright-smile… i go to dr.aziz instead… much cheaper…about 30%.