Boyfriend Vs Husband

that is North Korean?

any kind person wanna help to translate it? eager to know la. :mrgreen:

I ran it through Google Translator. It didn’t make much sense, but I think it’s one of those things like:

A boyfriend loves you.
A husband loves you forever.
A boyfriend tickles you.
A husband tickles you forever.

(PS: It’s not in Korean / Hangul, it’s simplified chinese).

aiyo…wo pu hui du hua yu…

Chinese to English translation

Boyfriend does not care about your weight l; husband does not care about you eat tonight

Boyfriend cares about you enough to dress up a beautiful day; husband cares so little you wearing today will not the chilled

When you encounter difficult thing when my boyfriend will comfort you; husband arrived at the first

Boyfriend does not care about you too happy today; husband will care about you today, do not encounter unhappy

Boyfriend just bought you a beautiful fashion; husband to buy you a warm down jacket

Boyfriend and the guy would not want to eat what you eat how to do;
My husband and man is not practical to eat will send you information from time to time, over and over again to tell you that he will be back soon

If you’re beautiful, your boyfriend will consider if they would want to bring his friends to see, a long face:
If you’re not beautiful, where are your husband will take you, maybe you have the courage, but he will give you encouragement.

Boyfriend’s family if you do not like you, he will give you:
Her husband’s family if you do not like you, he will do his best to protect you.

Boyfriend that you feel is inappropriate, he would go away, even if he likes you;
If you feel the world is inappropriate, but your husband still will be waiting for you.

Boyfriend will be limited to what he considered people know you exist; husband will tell the whole world: you are his baby.

Boyfriend got off the phone will hang up hastily; husband will wait for you hang up, he would hang up.

Boyfriend will be bored when you allow yourself to quietly; husband will fight to stay with you and help you vent.

Boyfriend in your special days you will be dodging; her husband in those days to give you red hot, to tell you jokes.

Will you break up with her boyfriend really;
My husband will retain you after you break up with me because he knows you want to be asked to stay and not want to leave.

Boyfriend in the context of their ability to meet you.
Husband will pay everything to meet you, even if not satisfy, he will do best.

Boyfriend wants to tomorrow and the future is small; her husband after the baby you will get good names.

Boyfriend did not dare to promise may not be given. My husband dared to make a commitment, but will do so.

Boyfriend can not believe you love; her husband will marry you as his life goal, and desire to grow old with you.

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i still confused thou… :mrgreen:

thanks for the translation sis. eventhough the grammar is a bit ocnfusing, but I still managed to get the main idea. its the husband who cares a girl most than the boyfriend. :smiley:

no problem0 dude… all thanks 2 mr.g00gle :mrgreen:

may i add a little fun in?

a boyfriend come and pick you up with flowers and bring you to a nice romantic dinner. a husband ask you - what is dinner, honey?
a boyfriend say sorry when they thought they might have offen you with words, a husband says - aw shut up woman. :stuck_out_tongue:
a boyfriend practice foreplay, a husband takes short cut quicky :stuck_out_tongue:

okay thats all atm ha ha…

oh by the way… a husband was a boyfriend before hey??

thats a lot of difference! guys must keep winning their beloved one’s heart even after marriage. :mrgreen:

Love is 10 times more difficult and more work than a real job huh… tiring…

thats what we call commitment. its not easy to handle a relationship. no commitment, stay single. :mrgreen:

hmm, commitment is one thing… but articles like these are always misleading… in some ways…

haha. yup the article is a bit messy. just get the main idea only. don’t fully practice it. :mrgreen: