Bought a Canon 1000D

I bought a Canon 1000D DSLR camera as an upgrade to my photography interest. Hoping to be a refurbished hobby for me after leaving it for the past 10 years or more. Since I am into blogging too, I build a new blog to post about photography and its related activities. Hope Jack can list this blog every time I update it. The URL is

I hope other avid photographers will be will be willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

welcome aboard. pass ur url to jack to do the RSS feed.

Good. at least you are 950 more than dasolve :mrgreen:

650 to be precise…

wao… getting more and more people into photography le… cool ~ zaharibb, do post some pics ya…
i see u like paris hilton huh ? same same ~ love her ~ she rocks ~

600 is the exact number in this case. ,…


i see you shot some model cars… erm, maybe you can try to work a bit for the background because it looks quite irritating for me…

just my 2cents…:slight_smile:

thanks all for the comments. Grajindo: That model car was shot on site at one of the booth during the recent International Xtreme Auto Show in Bukit Jalil. However I appreciate your advice for future shots.

anyone using the same Canon model around. Maybe can share something with me. FYI this is my first Canon DSLR. I used Canon Powershot A 20 Compact Digital Camera a few years back.

wellcome onboard :slight_smile:

i understand a forumer here “jwyj” also using 1000D,but he seldom log in here,maybe u post more pics till one day he saw the thread very active then he might share share with u :smiley:

welcome abroad

Errrrrrrr…how to upload photo aa…?

erm… you can try to upload your pic into flickr or maybe photobucket… after that, copy the url here… after that highlight the whole url and click the … should be worked… :slight_smile:

Thank you Grajindo for your information.

Glad to see another Photographer On Board!!
Welcome to the DSLR world.
lol :slight_smile:

ok…canon 1000d i bought rm1999…actually i accidently buy the dslr coz i dont think 1st when i buy d canon 1000d…after i buy that slr…im thinking…“whut for i buy this slr?” plus…i dont have to time to playt it,and im not really love photographing…i just use for 3-4 days playing with the slr n im getting bored…i feel rugi already…coz i buy the accecories like bag,the screen protector and the tripod,mmc…so now im planning to sell it off…and i open price is rm1800 nett…this because the item very2 new,still in the box…everything not been used,even the battery just never i recharge since i buy it…the warrantty card still not written down my name yet…all the receipt still have…i bought it rm1999 only the camera n normal lens only…but now i have to sell rm1800 with free…memory card 2.0G,tripod,and screen protector and the bag,because if i sell the slr only…whut for i keep the bag n the tripod?useless for me…and who intrest with this slr pls call me at 0128731310…pls call,do not sms…my location Miri…RM1800 nett…canon 1000d,free mmc,tripod,screen protector,n bag…

trying to upload a pic from my fotothing

this is my trial uploading of photo to the forum. However this picture was not taken using my Canon 1000D. Its a Benq Compact Digital Camera,without flash and just handheld.

LeVin20V and prospective buyer. The price offer for the 1000D is a good buy from my point of view. I bought mine at RM 1700 + UV Filter = RM 1000. What I bought is just the body and kit (RM1700 at Low Yatt Plaza). LeVin20V includes bag, 2G SD Card, and tripod is a good offer. Only the warranty might be less since it is effective from the date bought. LeVin20V, maybe you should put up another offer - 2009 calendar. LOL.

Zaharibb,it’s URL%20OF%20IMAGE%20HERE