Boss venture. 1.5 % daily interest

the system like this there is thing call dsi value.let it compound. u will get daily incentive.

for those say scam and negative minded please read this before u say scam by bnm say is in alert list.

Please be informed that we are aware of our contracted management company Cash Deal Sdn Bhd is being placed in the “Alert List” in BNM website. As stated very clearly by BNM, the list is just an answering guide to the public with reference to the numerous requests on whether Cash Deal Sdn Bhd is being given the license to operate an ‘investment’ scheme. Cash Deal Sdn Bhd is listed under ‘unlicensed activities’ by BNM which means to say that Cash Deal Sdn Bhd is NOT licensed by BNM for this ‘investment’ scheme. Clearly mentioned, the listing situation arises because of the numerous requests to BNM seeking clarifications on our business activities (perceived as investment) that probably arises from possible misrepresentation and misperception by Resellers or 3rd parties with ulterior motives of slandering our business. We are indeed happy that BNM did a good job in telling the public of our actual business activities and put to rest further unnecessary requests with regards to this matter. For your information, please take note that indeed from the start of our business operation via, we have and never will apply or qualify to apply for an ‘investment’ license with BNM due to the fact that our structured business has never been an investment link business per say. All our incentives payout are strictly being based on the collective efforts of sales performances and is neither fixed nor guaranteed by the Company in anyway. For our business operations, Cash Deal Sdn Bhd is legally registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) under the business model applications of online shopping under the Company Registration Number 929192-K and is given the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) License No. 2695 in view of our unique creation of Digital Neural Application (DNA) for our peek-to-save shopping model by our in-house IT team. However, to prevent any further misrepresentations by Resellers, we will be taking a serious approach to terminate or suspend any Reseller(s) caught promoting our business in blogs, related websites, presentation formats and other medias that wrongly promote our business as an ‘investment’ scheme without using our official documents, tutorial videos or presentations found in our official website ie. [url=] To all Resellers who have done or have been promoting the bossventure business using their own materials, you are REQUESTED IMMEDIATELY TO TAKE ACTION BY REMOVING SUCH MATERIALS FROM THE SITE, failing which your Reseller(s) accounts will be suspended or terminated immediately by the Company without any warning or whatsoever. Thank you for your kind attention and co-operation. From the Top Management