Bosch high water pressure

hi, anybody here know any shop in miri selling bosch high water pressure. really appreciate the info.

try looking for it at this shop new the Maybank HQ.
can’t remember the name of the shop, but its somewhr thr.

gud luk!

what model u want ? what requirement u need ? i got sale Bosch Tools

Bosch High Pressure Cleaner
Aquatak Eco-------------1450w------100bar RM956
Aquatak 110-------------1600w------110bar RM1,467
Aquatak 1200------------1750-------120bar RM1,952
Aquatak 1500 X----------2700w-----150bar RM3,423
Aquatak 1600 Pro X-----3000w------155bar RM5,334

above price discount 35% for member.