Borneo Jazz 2013 passes for Sarawak Bloggers!

The Borneo Jazz Festival 2013 is back and it’s on May 10th & 11th.

On behalf of Sarawak Bloggers, I am currently scouting for potential Miri based bloggers to cover the event as a media!!

Its not a report that we want, but your personal experience during the whole Jazz festival, and so you are free to sway away to the music and enjoy every bit of the whole two day event at your pace for absolutely free!

Those interested to be part of the Sarawak Bloggers team covering the Borneo Jazz festival are invited to ‘pm’ me soonest possible. :smiley:

I would like to participate. How many bloggers do you actually need?

are you a blogger? can you provide me your blog link, please?

I’m a blogger and I would like to participate :smiley:

check your ‘pm’ :slight_smile:

a blogger with Twitter gets higher chances to be selected :smiley: