Borneo international beads award (biba) 2011

The Borneo International Beads Award (BIBA) is a new award, organized by Crafthub Sdn Bhd, and supported by the World Crafts Council (WCC) and World Crafts Council Asia Pacific Region (WCCAPR).

BIBA is run to encourage creativity and original design in the field of beadmaking, beadworking and creative beadstringing, and to uplift the status of beadworking and beadmaking artisans and artists everywhere.

This international competition is open to any craftsperson or artisan over 18 years of age with no restriction as to residence or nationality.

There are three main categories:

  1. Beadwork (seed beads, rocaille) personal adornment
  2. Bead stringing necklace, bracelet etc personal adornment
  3. Beadmaking glass, ceramic or other material

with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in each category of an Award Trophy, a Certificate and USD 1000, USD 500 and USD 300 respectively. There will also be Certificates of Merit awarded for Honourable Mentions in each category.

BIBA was announced at BIBCo 2010 by Usha Krishna, President of WCC (World Crafts Council).
The first winners will be announced at the BIBCo, 8 9 October 2011, in Sarawak dont miss it!

Rules and Entry Form

Download a copy of the rules of the competition here (pdf,157KB) and an entry form here (pdf,57KB). Or you can email us. … dRules.pdf … A_2011.pdf