Boring~~What can I do?

(mumuq) #1

This school holidays are very boring!!! Dun hv any friends to hangout with me, they went to work part time…Zzz
How about urs holidays??


I usually listen to music, like songs on youtube and spend much time on watching television programmes…
I am also doing part time job lehh…


Sleep only leh…
and plays online games and browse internet…

(kamal) #4

same as me … ntg to do right and this is my worst holiday ever.
Everyday doing same thing only Zzzz…and another most irritate thing is i am listen and download songs in online until not enough quota and need to purchase everyday nw !! ><


You can try to download using unlimited broadband.
Or else give up using this plan and find another one better Haha
Many telcos provide unlimited music streaming.

(Rina Plan) #6

You are probably paying more by using this way…
As Ferre said, you surely should find an alternative plan which offer unlimited music streaming…

(Addin Shah) #7

i love listen to music especially when stress. :smiley:

(kelin) #8

i didnt download,
i bought the add on for xpax, the music walla one,
pay RM3 per month only get unlimited streaming.
so all my holiday time going to finish with music +music.:smiley:

(Luqman Hakim) #9

yes , currently xpax having a plan which is for the music n video lover with lower price ler…i am also using the plan nw ler !! ^^ Music walla offer unlimited Music Streaming at only RM3 for per mnth , ahaha nw i can listen to music in bus, in gym, in class everywhere !!!

(jennifer) #10

same lah. during exam week i listen music before start study.
sometime i buy the music walla, RM1 per week,
but oklah get unlimited streaming music on joox.

(jennifer) #11

so nice can sleep during holiday,
i still doing my revision for exam…
thinking of watch drama after my exam,
but they said the video walla double data promotion until end of this month only.
btw, my roomate said this song no bad, Lea’s Journey To Be More Walla
wat do u think?

(ilyani) #12

video walla how much?? i need 2gb a day to watch video, got any cheap plan recommend? i don’t want postpaid plan…

(nimtr) #13

video walla: rm1-1gb data , rm7-10gb data…you can choose the second one if you need 2gb a day…
i also use walla plan so don’t know about other plans

(BlackHyppo) #14

Help your father cleaning the outside trench. Cut the grass. House keeping with mother. Cooking or cutting vegetable during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Feed the cat or dog and watering the plants. Go out and catch some pokemon. Reading new book. Online reading manga, download book, movie. Playing games online or offline. Drawing, fishing, shopping or lepaking with friends.

most important. Don’t do drug when get bored. Cheers :yum: