Border Regiment sends food supplies to flood victims

Boxes of food are unloaded from an express boat.

Army and APM personnel work together to unload the boxes of food in Beluru.

MIRI: Battalion 8 of the Border Regiment helped to send food supplies to flood victims in Long Wat, Long Atip, and Beluru District.

Lt Mohd Hakim Khan Mohd Shakri said the operation also involved the police, Civil Defence Force (APM), district offices, and Welfare Department.

“Food aid in Long Wat and Long Atip was done on Feb 10 and residents reported to have lost contact for three days as the road was cut off due to flooding, and they also complained that their homes were flooded by two feet of water,” he said.

Mohd Hakim said the food assistance for Beluru was delivered on Monday by express boat.

Among the locations for food delivery in Beluru were Long Terungan; Long Merigam; Rumah Langat, Nanga Majang; SK Kuala Bok, Long Ajoi; Rumah Kajan, Nanga Teru; Rumah Ricky Nanga Lait; Rumah Umping; Rumah Paulus Long Speling; Long Speling church; and Rumah Ricky, Sungai Lait.