Bookies in Miri going mobile


Friday June 16, 2006

Bookies in Miri going mobile

MIRI: World Cup 2006 illegal bookies in this oil capital of Sarawak have gone mobile to avoid detection by the police.

They are now operating in little cell groups, staying for short spells in major hotels and apartment suites before moving to other locations for similarly short periods.

In previous major football tournaments, these bookies rented houses or apartment units for long durations and used these places to accept bets and to link up with international betting rings in other countries.

Now, they have gone mobile. By operating in this manner, they avoid suspicions and make it difficult for the police to nail them, a source told The Star.

These mobile bookies are believed to be accepting and processing bets via laptop computers, hand-held communicators and state-of-the-art handphones.

Police have stepped up ground intelligence and surveillance, believing that it is just a matter of time before they cripple the bookies.

On Wednesday, two Malaysian women, suspected of being part of an international syndicate involved in a multi-million-dollar World Cup betting operation, were arrested in Australia together with six Hong Kong residents.

The women, aged 22 and 23, were arrested in a hotel in Sydney on Tuesday morning following a three-nation joint operation to cripple the Hong Kong-based syndicate.

Gone mobile as in? Not staying in a static location is it?
I thought they were referring to mobile phone or whatever.
Well, nowadays, people should go online lerr. So many are available online, aiya.

Well, the thing about Miri these days is it tends to get highlighted in the Internet for the wrong reasons - politics, defunct developments, poor environmental awareness, etc - and now World Cup bookies. At least efforts are still being done to improve her image like the latest blog entry by Kenny and together with various other bloggers and tourist reviews.

lol, yeah, I agree Jack.
Nice post by Kenny, aight? Hehe.