Bomoh (witchdoctor) tricking people out of money

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Medium tricking people out of large sums





                <div><p>A CHINESE medium has been 

    allegedly tricking people into giving him money and other favours in
    exchange for helping them to get rid of bad luck, Guang Ming Daily reported.

    mans latest scam was convincing a woman in Kuala Lumpur to pay him
    about RM100,000 within two months to prevent any untoward incident from
    befalling her family.

    The womans husband, known only as Feng, 63,
    claimed that his 54-year-old wife even tried to borrow RM100,000 from a
    friend to give to the medium, despite his pleas to his wife not to.

    Feng is now seeking help from MCAs Public Complaints Bureau.

    chief Datuk Seri Michael Chong said his bureau had received five
    similar complaints since last year, with victims being females aged
    between 30 and 58.

    Chong said the modus operandi of such tricksters is to carry out their rituals at houses or hotels, and not at temples.

    mediums would cook up stories saying that a spate of bad luck could
    come in the victims way, and rituals were needed to get rid of them.

    victims would then pay for the rituals, said Chong, who added that
    there were cases of these con men raping their victims under the pretext
    of cleansing them.

    > Sin Chew Daily reported that a
    21-year-old college student had turned himself in after allegedly
    filming one of his housemates taking her bath at their rented house in
    Kuala Lumpur.

    Wangsa Maju police chief Supt Mohamad Roy Suhaimi
    Sarif said the student, accompanied by his father, went to the Wangsa
    Maju police station at 10pm on Wednesday.

    Police then remanded the suspect for four days for investigation.

    The daily reported that the student allegedly slid his smartphone over the door to record the victim at about 9.45am on June 7.

    victim discovered the ruse and confronted the suspect, before also
    discovering several video clips of four other roommates bathing stored
    in the suspects computer.