Bomba heads to snuff out forest fire near Sarawak-Brunei bridge

MIRI: Firefighters from the Miri Fire and Rescue Department are zooming in on a forest fire that is very close to the Sarawak-Brunei transboundary bridge.

The fiery hotspot is adjacent to the Asean Bridge, just a few hundred metres from the border checkpoint.

Every Friday and on weekends, as many as 35,000 people from Brunei cross daily into Miri for shopping and entertainment.

Miri Fire Chief Supt Law Poh Kiong said the private land development company that owns the land there has also sent its workers to help Bomba.

“We are getting reinforcement from the Shin Yang company, which is sending teams to fight the fires on their land at the Asean Bridge,” he said in an update on Thursday (April 18).

Supt Law also thanked the public in Miri for helping with supplies of food and water for firefighters at various hotspots.

“People even come to give food and drink at night … we are grateful for their kindness and concern,” he said.

Bomba squads are also keeping an eye on the jungles near Curtin University campus.

Supt Law said firefighters have successfully prevented the forest fires from spreading into the campus compound.