Bodybuider/Weight Lifter pls enter!

Ef-Jl haha im interested in going to gym but dont know where to find one wakaka…mayb u can list some friendly gym so that i feel comfortable haha?? cause gym guys usually looking fierce…

atrun, tat black guy got his own career as a bodybuilder, triple H got his own career as a wrestler,…is like im a car mechanic but i dont have to be a car racer rite? :mrgreen:

parasite87s, im always go to piasau there, it is a house belong’s to a former Mr Sarawak, we call him Mr Chee, a very friendly guy, in fact all of the ppl there are very friendly :mrgreen:

piasau dont know where lar… u mean near the sebekas ka? need some direction wahaha

what do body builder eat?and what sort of vitamins do they takes?which brand is the best?

athrun, food wise, what they eat are pretty much similar to what we ate, is just that the preparation of the food are different…but dont think that fatty food are bad for bodybuilder, healthty fat such as omega 3 are good for lubricating your joint…as a bodybuilder, eat, train ,and rest is a very important factor to mucsle growth, must eat right, train hard and rest enough…as a normal person, three meal a day are consider enough to carry on the daily chores, but not for bodybuilder. A bodybuilder must consume atleast 5-6 meal a day…some pro bodybuilder can up to 10-12 meal a day to keep fueling his/her body with nutrition and protein, but hey, dont let the figure fool you…eating 12 meal a day dosen’t mean that you have to “pig out” in every meal, eat a relitively small portion per meal will do…

EF-JL can you pm me the direction to the gym pls? or the name LRG what ka? wakaka really want to go and try … haha too small now wind blow also can fly le… wakaka thx you … need to pay approximately how much daily and monthly?? member or non member thx you

yo parasite, tis is quoted by supplement2day pls refer the post below:

"That’s uncle Chee Yee Toh’s gym (Muscle Gym). Yee Toh or Uncle Chee Toh is a veteran bodybuilder.

His in his mid 60’s and is quite a character.

I a member of PBC but only my wife train there.

I still prefer to train at his place.

His house is at the back of The Ship. Head down the street at around 5pm towards the dead end road. It’s hard to miss.

Monthly fee is rm20(30) but new members have to pay 3 months out front or rm3(4) per session."

p/s: becuz of the fuel price hike he also wan to increase the fee, not much though…

hey wuichi…thx for the contribution…r u a gym junkie too?..just asking… :mrgreen:[/quote]

yes I am eheh

like what EF-JL says, we cannot rely completely on supplements. Just remember this formula 70% food and 30% training. We are what we eat :slight_smile:

EF-JL: btw which gym do u train at?

i also used to train there… but gave up liau…cos no one goes with me anymore…
the uncle there very funny la…n chi go pek lol

wuichi, i train at piasau gym there, the former Mr Sarawak, that old man really funny la…the thing i hate the most is tat he always fart whenever u are doing a heavy lift :mrgreen:

he fart? damn… die lar like this… hmmm behind the ship … will try and look for it…

you standby,when he walk by…pook his ass hole…next time he will avoiding you… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

wuichi, i train at piasau gym there, the former Mr Sarawak, that old man really funny la…the thing i hate the most is tat he always fart whenever u are doing a heavy lift :mrgreen:[/quote]

ah ic, yeah Uncle Chee Toh very funny one. You better wear your mask whenever you are training LOL

wakaka… pook his 455h013

wat time does the gym open?? morning wat time till wat time closed?

hmmm…never go in the morning…but from mon till friday is 3pm-9pm and sat is 3pm-7pm…actually the time he( uncle chee ) set himself…but u can contact him if u wan him to open up early for u…i think sunday and public holiday he close lo… :mrgreen:

owh i see… wah… cool thx you