Body of last boat tragedy victim found

MIRI: The body of 10-year-old Ethaneille Adries, who fell off a boat during a collision in Tutoh River last Sunday, was found by his uncle who was among villagers involved in the search and rescue (SAR) operation for him at about 6.45pm yesterday.

Patrick Mani retrieved the body not far from where the tragic accident happened.

According to Ethaneilles other uncle, Cleo Phas Baya, the younger brother of his father Adries Lawih, the SAR party comprising the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba), police and Sarawak Rivers Board had stopped the search at about 5.30pm when it got dark.

The last boat with the victims uncle, Patrick, was still near the place of the accident, Temetuk camp, when he discovered the body, Cleo told The Borneo Post when contacted yesterday evening.

According to Cleo, the villagers had decided to call off the search and go back to Long Terawan for the night while a few of them would continue the search near the two barges involved in the collision.

He said the recovery of Ethaneilles body brought relief to the villagers and the SAR team that had been jointly combing the area the past three days.

The body is being brought back to Long Terawan to be buried with Marie Lawing and Celline Adries, 12, tomorrow, Cleo disclosed further.

Meanwhile, the villagers held prayers for the victims last night.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau was informed of the finding and he was relieved that the body of the last victim was found.

I wish to thank the SAR team comprising Bomba, police, Sarawak Rivers Board and villagers from Long Terawan, Long Panai, Mulu for mounting the rescue and search efforts and Sarawakians for their prayers and messages of condolence to the family members, Dennis said.

During the accident on Sunday, Ethaneille was flung into the swift flowing river.

His aunt, 41-year-old Marie Lawing, and his sister, Celline Adries, 12, were killed during the collision while one passenger was critically injured and five others suffered minor injuries.

Police are on the look out for the two suspects who fled into the jungle after the accident.