Boarders of SK Nanga Jagau visit Miri in first study tour

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The pupils and teachers at the entrance of Niah National Park.

SIBU: SK Nanga Jagau in Kanowit sent 15 boarders for a study tour to Miri from Nov 27-29.

According to the school’s senior assistant in charge of pupil affairs Jimmy Warrant, it was the first out-of-town trip for the boarders.

The trip coordinated by the school’s Pupils Affairs Unit was jointly sponsored by the school’s old students association, parent-teacher association, the teachers, private companies and the community.

Accompanying the students were 12 teachers and three non-teaching staff.

While in Miri, they put up at Miri Teacher’s Training Institute.

Jimmy said places of interest visited included Sarawak State Library, a crocodile farm in Kuala Baram and RTM Miri.

“At RTM Miri, they met the station’s Iban section deejay Bana Jimbat who is originally from Rantau Lugai in Ulu Sungai Ngemah, Kanowit,” he enthused.

“On their way home on Nov 29, they visited Niah National Park, Bintulu Tanjung Batu and a coffee shop owned by Monica Ujat, a successful businesswoman also from Nanga Jagau.

“Monica later gave the pupils school uniform and shoes as well as study incentives,” Jimmy added.