Board: Dispose of rubbish properly after visiting cemeteries

Pile of rubbish left behind at a cemetery by irresponsible individuals.

MIRI: Miri Chinese Charitable Trust Board is urging the Chinese community here to dispose of rubbish properly after visiting the grave sites of their ancestors/deceased family members.

The board, in a press statement yesterday, said after the cemeteries in Riam, Krokop and Lambir had been opened to the public from March 20 for the Qing Ming festival, piles of rubbish were seen everywhere.

Construction waste dumped indiscriminately by irresponsible contractors were also seen among the piles.

“We have always reminded the people to keep their surroundings clean at all times, and to bring their rubbish home to be properly disposed.

“As for the construction waste, we condemn such irresponsible act, which is clearly an act of disrespect to the dead,” the statement said, adding that the board had to fork out huge sum of money to dispose them.

Meanwhile, the board also reminded the Chinese community to comply strictly with the Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) by scanning My Sejahtera tracing code, wearing mask, practise physical distancing and wash hands regularly.

“Only eight family members are allowed at grave sites for 90 minutes during the festival at any one time. At columbariums, only five families with two representatives each are allowed there for 30 minutes due to space constraint.

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