BN's two-thirds majority: A wall to be breached

COMMENT Denial of Sarawak BN’s customary two-thirds majority is the second step in Pakatan’s drive to refresh Malaysian democracy.

The notion that man-made political walls are there to be breached came from a man called Ronald Reagan.

The American president stood before the Berlin Wall one day in June 1987 and commanded the general secretary of the communist party of the Soviet Union: “Tear down this wall.”

In the context of the times, Reagan’s message was a stunning act of rhetorical effrontery.

Dovish critics, long inclined to accept the post-war division of Europe into communist and western blocs, alternated between derision and alarm at Reagan’s naivety. But the president’s neo-conservative admirers lauded him for plain speaking - they held that in the face of evil, there could be no prevarication.

Two years and a few months later, the Berlin Wall tumbled down, conferring on Reagan an imperishable niche in the annals of human liberation, if only for bold assertion of enduring human needs.

In March 2008, a ‘Berlin Wall’ of sorts was breached in Malaysia when BN lost its traditional two-thirds majority in Parliament.