BN: Lu Mau 5juta kan?

Oii Najib !! You talk ■■■■ ahhh ???

And I yet to see even 1 cybertrooper capable to counter this post they are so scared until they don’t dare post anything…

post this on other thread.

They choose to ignore…
smart… :mrgreen:

You give me RM 50K, and I will consider to vote you. :stuck_out_tongue:

U got urself a chance to ask money from him dis evening somewhere at North Yu Seng road… c if u got the gut or not ? he…he…he… I think he will offer Mirian something BIG this time to lure ur votes of course … 10 juta lu mau kan ? kalau lu mau , gua mau candidates SUPP menang … apa macam ? Do we have a deal ? Ha…ha…ha… Yeh! We will accept ur offer ( 10 juta ) but NOT ur term …we still Vote For Change ! Jom Ubah !! Taib Must Go This Time ! Enough Is Enough ! Time For Change !

50 000 is not enough even buying a new Myvi…

have you realized how much did they take from you?

ask taib first, how much he stole from us? :mrgreen:

Why nobody take any action. This is clearly corruption. “we have a deal” 5million for voting BN… Where is MACC and EC??? No wonder this Sarawak election will become the MOST DIRTIES ELECTION in Malaysian history. Take my word. No wonder some rumah panjang suddenly change their support to BN.

Election campaign we talk only in millions but after election no budget :frowning:

it’s no election, but erection perhaps. every1 gets ‘high’ and ended up frustrated after the erection.

5 juta? Cash cheque first… no loan loan.

Najib pay tax or not ???

no need to pay tax… everything is covered by our hard earned money, don’t worry. they can ride on luxury cars, delicious expensive meals and 5star accommodations while we are having trouble to pay car and house instalments.