BMW Shorties!

Hey, I heard that BMW Shorties coming soon ler. Anyone knows abt this? They did once last year, this year they do it again. But don’t know when it starts… :slight_smile:

I wuld like to know abt tat too :lol:

me too… absolutely have no idea what is that… :shock:

This is the last year news I found in TheStar online. … =motornews

Thanks kameko for the info…

anyone interested in joining ? :lol:

bmw in action? :lol:

it’s a BMW organised competition for short films :lol:

use bmw go drift pujut corner round about then send it to them :smiley:

First need to find money and buy the BMW for this :roll:

Must buy the BMW only can join the contest?

1.36% interest rate for those who buy Beemer.

Then i want this model pls…pls…pls…

Can pick up mei mei go touring hehe :smiley:

BMW Shorties launched already… Check it out… 8) … =motornews

what is the price for the winner?? :roll:

75,000 for production assistance…:lol:
after u make the film probably :lol:

BMW = Pleasures

BMW Meets Truth

Here comes the Beemer…

the winning film for last years BMW shorties was very good, concept-wise and technical execution. wat to do, director got budget and also also is a tv commercial director. hard to win la. But can try la

ceh…i tot they were making another series of BMW flims…the first 11 (i think) were awesome! My fave was the one directed by John Woo! so cool! after watching those I became a huge Clive Owen fan!

Yea, i agree with you too… But no harm trying in… speaking of which, there is an exclusive screening for that film - Teddy & I and BMW is giving out 10 free passes. Each person can actually bring 1 guest in also.

I checked out the webpage just now and its under their events page… Got to answer a question which is easy. Hopefully Im one of the ten… :lol:

And the website is pretty cool… Never seen a webpage with that kind of design before… quite creative la…

Well if u guys wanna go and try ur luck here is the url link…

Go to events under Teddy & I

Good luck!