Blow to SUPP's revival hopes

ANYTHING new in the Sarawak United People’s Party after its just concluded triennial delegates conference?

Those looking for something new must be disappointed. The same batch of leaders are still around.

Those who promised to step down are still there.

From now until the next delegates conference, the party ought to search for young blood to inject new and fresh ideas and to make the party relevant with the times.

This is more so in the face of stiff competition from the opposition, DAP and Parti Keadilan Rakyat, for influence among the increasingly demanding urban electorate.

With SUPP president Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam accepting the party grassroots’ call to continue at the helm for another term, the party may have found a fall guy should it fare disastrously again in the next state elections in two years’ time.

The multiracial, but predominantly Chinese, SUPP is in dire straits and Dr Chan was candid on Sunday in his admission of the peril the party was facing.

DAP has always been a threat to SUPP. But, the threat posed by DAP in the last two years is far greater than anything seen in SUPP’s 49 years of existence.

The state elections in 2006 and the general election earlier this year, saw the erosion of support of urban Chinese voters for SUPP.

Even though SUPP fared better in the general election, with all six candidates retaining their seats, a closer look at the results showed that many had just scraped through.

Dr Chan’s detractors in the party are clearly aware of this.

They would not say how severe the threat from DAP was but ordinary party members said DAP could give SUPP a knockout punch in the 2011 elections if SUPP fails to address the grievances of Chinese voters.

With Dr Chan, a medical doctor from Miri, in his fifth term as president, the big question is how he plans to halt SUPP’s slide.

He seems to have taken the first step in getting the party, which is notoriously split along regional lines – into the Kuching, Sibu and Miri factions – to stay united after the recently ended conference.

Some skilful political manoeuvring at the delegates conference that ended on Sunday had averted an election for the posts in the all powerful decision-making central wor-king committee, including the president’s post.

Dr Chan had admitted that the election, if it had been held, could have had severe consequences as it could have resulted in a split that could take years to heal leaving the party in a weak position to face DAP in the 2011 polls.

So, just how united is SUPP? Internal bickering in its Bintangor and Dudong branches have not been resolved.

Bintangor’s problem has gone on for two years now. Failure to resolve these disputes could well hand the advantage to DAP in the run-up to 2011. Another question is how will the party, which has retained all of its old guard including those who were defeated in the 2006 election, be perceived by the electorate.

Senator Datuk Sim Kheng Hui, who was defeated in the Pending seat, still holds the post of secretary-general, the second most powerful post in the party.

Datuk Alfred Yap, defeated in the Batu Kawa seat, is still the publicity and information secretary.

Lily Yong, who was defeated by the sole PKR representative in the Sarawak state assembly, and Chan Seng Khai, who was defeated in his Batu Lintang seat, have also been retained.

Some people are asking how the leaders, who have already lost the trust of the electorate, can possibly help Dr Chan to regain that support.

The party’s supporters and sympathisers may well look at the party very differently now with the same batch of leaders still holding on to their seats, despite promising to step down two years ago.

Clearly, the promise of change in the party’s leadership remains just a promise.

Dr Chan and his deputy, Tan Sri Law Hieng Ding, were also supposed to step down at the just concluded conference. That didn’t materialise either.

The excuse they gave was the old guard was being retained for the sake of party unity and stability.

from nstonline

SUPP is still in deep slumber… lets wait until the next 2 years for the State Election to serve as the wake-up call for them… :evil:
The party has not much good for the chinese community generally, the leaders and members ware well-known to fight among themselves… fighting to be the boss and disunity among the fractions from Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri. The biggest problem here is that they are only the puppet controlled by Mr. White Hair whereby GC is one of his most loyal dog.
Lets look at those SUPP members here in Miri, look at how much they benefited and gain from being close to these politicians… they managed to get most of the big “Kang Tao” in term of projects granted, land titles, money-making opportunities, power, etc…

SUPP is ONLY FIGHTING FOR THEMSELVES (OWN BENEFITS) and NOT FOR THE PEOPLE… Why Vote for them??? Think Carefully… Vote Wisely…

Recently, there has been strong indications of one of the Miri SUPP strongman to take over the MCC Mayor position which will be vacant soon. The rumours mentioned that the current frontman is Lawrence Lai, a lawyer by profession and the current Miri SUPP Youth Chief…
Look like all the cronies, the gang members and “chat hai chai” (kaki bodek) of this guy will be benefiting from this… :evil:
Lets just hope that MIRACLES do happen that Mr. White Hair appoint his own candidate (i.e. not related to SUPP or any political parties) to be Miri next Mayor, just like the Kuching Mayor, James Chan, a corporate businessman not attached to SUPP. :roll:

while supp is quite useless in ensuring that the interests of sarawak people are properly safeguarded, please donot lose sight of the fact that the biggest problem for sarawak is white hair.

if we can get rid of all the other old guards but not white hair, it won’t help sarawak.

those who really know will tell you that supp and george chan is not in the most friendly term with white hair. and white hair clearly don’t give face to george. in fact it should be obvious that white hair would be happy to see supp infighting get worse, if he doesn’t have a hand in masterminding that already… if you think george is taib’s lapdog, who do you think owns the guy who is challenging george chan? esp if you know that george is no longer white hair’s favourite pet?

imho, the best scenario is if supp stand up for us the people, once again. at least in miri, its grassroot establishment is so much stronger and more experienced than dap and pkr combined. but if that’s not to be, we’ll have no choice but to vote for the opposition, because it’s time to get rid of the leech that’s sucking us dry. and any cat that can do that is a good cat, if it can’t be a supp cat, too bad, it’ll just have to be a dap or pkr cat…