Blood Donation Activity-29.3.09

Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation (Malaysia) Miri Liaison will be organizing a blood donation activity at the following date and place:

Date: 29th March 2009
Time: 10am-1pm
Place: Tzu Chi Miri Liaison office (above One Stop Store at Centrepoint Commercial Centre)

This blood donation activity is open to the public.

Besides the blood donation activity, there will activities such as chinese knot teaching, recycle paper making, Still Thought Publication exhibition and etc going as well.

For further details on the activity, please contact the Tzu Chi Miri Liaison office at 085-419753.

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bump! this sunday ar. going?

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ouch~ … too bad… i’m not around!~

yen, hahaha. i wanna donate blood but not sure yet~ if at shopping mall jiu very convenient lor. Akakaka~ if i dint bring my blood donation booklet can ka? dono it fly to where liao =X

Enzyme making also will be held. So those whom are interested in learning how to make enzymes please drop by. The reason Tzu Chi is conducting this blood donation cum open day is to let the public visit their office at centre point and let everyone have a warm and more comfortable stay while having your blood donated.

You can bring your family and friends. EVEN if you do not wish to donate blood, Tzu Chi’s open day will provide you with other activities mentioned above and many goodies to bring home for visitors of all ages.

Tzu Chi Foundation main missions are :

  1. Charity
  2. Medicine
  3. Education
  4. Culture
  5. Bone Marrow Donation
  6. International Disaster Relief
  7. Environmental Protection
  8. Community Volunteerism

To find out more about Tzu Chi Foundation worldwide, pls visit or [url=] (chi & eng)

Your booklet got “wing” one kah? Can Fly one… :lol:

I think it should be alright if you din bring the booklet. They will normally give you a piece of paper that notes you donate blood on that day. When you bring the booklet for the next donation, you can ask the blood bank staff to fill in for you on the previous donation…

can i donate platelet ?

be careful…a lot of people got AIDS from doing this

you won’t find out until months or years later

Sorry I am unable to answer this question. This one I think you have to ask the hospital people about it. Thanks… :slight_smile:

[quote=“freakshow”]be careful…a lot of people got AIDS from doing this

you won’t find out until months or years later[/quote]

freakshow: can you please share with everyone where did you get this info from. This is serious and I think we need to verify it. It would involve a lot of innocent people all over. I think it is good of you to bring it up. Please let us know where the source of the info. And let us get medical confirmation on this one. Thanks.

It is impossible to get AIDS by donating blood. A new sterile needle is usually used everytime for each donor and discarded later.

hmm? if his claim about accidents victim got AIDS from donated blood, thats different story at all…

but got AIDS from donating blood…i think we need to send him for course of what ever class…

owh…btw…i’m coming…w00t!

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Tomorrow is the day…

geeshh…cancel ady…after sent my fren to airport, my ipar need my help. now pit stop login
ady bring my card…sigh

next time la if like this…

Aiya, they don’t allowed me donate today cos less than 3 months.

Last donate on 4th Jan 2009. :oops:

sorry i ffk. i erm completely forgotten about it. GOSH!! @__@

No wonder din see you show up… :roll: