Blogging contest, anyone?

im touched by the compliment but i think there are other bloggers out there write better than mine. :slight_smile:

ipod? gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrā€¦ :stuck_out_tongue:
ps-can sponsor 1 semi-detached house for grand prize or not? :mrgreen:

Good Idea especially for bloggersā€¦but one thing for sure,im not qualified for the contest due to my grammar not so goodā€¦iā€™ll participate if the contest judge by the creativity of the bloggerā€¦let me now if there is contest for blogger on Creativity postā€¦anyway iā€™ll support to those who organise the contestā€¦

p/s just submitted the Mister Potato chip contestā€¦dun know they count it or not because im using dwi languageā€¦ ā€¦ iesta.html
If the contest not judging on the written languageā€¦im sure inā€¦

for me i think i will join
contest is a place where we can challenge and go beyond our limit
it does not matter win prozes or not but u will more more imagination and creativity coming up from ur head
i guess besides that, can have a mini winning ceremony too
would be nice the bloggers can meet up and share their experience

too bad, i only blog in mandarinā€¦ :Pā€¦but i will be supportive~!

Iā€™m joiningā€¦itā€™s my pleasure for letting me know about the details(what, where, when, why, who would i blog about??))

Cool - itā€™s great to see good response. It doesnā€™t matter whether one has good command over the English language in order to participate. What matters most is the ability to comply with the basic terms (e.g. a given subject, and a few keywords to be inserted into the article), plus with creativity of writing skills using a blogging platform, Iā€™m sure the experience would be great fun for bloggers participating in this contest. Keep in mind I will be compiling the feedback received for the official contest rules and guidelines. So the more feedback or questions I get, the more refined the contest rules would be.

I know you guys are anxious for me to launch the contest in order to see what are the prizes and terms, but Iā€™ll sit on this for a few more days to get the details sorted out. In the meantime, please vote if you think you will be keen to participate or not. The vote result would be a good guideline to stir the blogging community from its slumber. :smiley: