Blocked from MC

I used to view MC from work. It is a lot easier for me because my Celcom internet connection is crap. The work one is better. :slight_smile: But last week I was blocked - something about I am trying to access MC from a region outside the approved area. Which is strange, as I suspect Miri should be in the approved area for MC. Surely? Anyone else get this?

Usually offices uses their own VPN (Virtual Private Network). Some blocks Facebook and other social sites. You can use UltraSurf to bypass this :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a portable version: (No need for installer) :wink:

Yes, offices do put up firewalls and such things to block unacceptable things… but it was not my office that blocked me, it was MC - it even said so. MC has installed something new that says I am outside the region for traffic. it seems like sensible if they are trying to block unwanted access, (lots of hackers in various unnamed places etc). but I am in miri. :frowning:

You need to check with your network admin on this. Certain IP address group may be blocked due to excessive spambot coming from certain countries.

Guys, it is not my network. It is MC. Really, believe me, I know this much about it. MC has blocked me. It thinks I am logging in from somewhere outside Malaysia that it does not like. This is because my company has its own network and it routes traffic to other places before it gets onto the WWW. The banner clearly says that the site (MC) has blocked me. and It is different to the usual banner I get if I try to log on to say FB. If it stays like this I will not be on MC anymore. This Celcom connection is too unreliable… although it is OK tonight.

You probably have to contact Jack on this issue since he is the head admin of this site.


thankyou… I’ll contact Jack now.

hmnn… what about your office mates, they too can’t access MC from their PCs :?:

Ey? I tried to log in earlier, said my ip was banned. Then can log in again shortly after and until now it’s okay. Got anything to do with me using android tethering, and change of locations where i’m using it?

I am back on MC now. Whatever was blocking me from MC is not anymore. It was fixed a few days ago I think.

Whoever did it, thankyou!