Blind date

Now, I know I have posted a few relationship issues on this forum but I seriously think that it is an issue that everyone should have they say on.

My girlfriend wants to set up a blind date for me, which I strongly disapprove. I mean I have never imagined myself being on a blind date. Why? Partly, it is becasue I am ego, I think (my personal opinion) it is an act of desperation! I am not desperate. Partly is also because I do not know how to face the guy. I am very forward with my feelings. If I do not like a person, I normally show the other person how I feel. In this incident, I do not really want to be rude because it is a blind date that set up by friends. But putting up an act might be mis-leading.

What do you all think? Have you been to one before and how was it? Please share your experience.

I think most in Miri don’t even know what ‘dating’ properly means, let alone ‘blind dating’…

But to answer your question - it also depends on the other party. Since it’s a blind date in the first place both of you (assuming you’re going) will have to understand that you’re both meeting up for the first time and therefore there is also a slight chance for it to be the last time as well. It doesn’t necessary have to be ‘out of desperation’ but admittedly it’s usually the case :D.

But the whole point of the blind date is to just enjoy yourselves and evaluate the guy in person. Simply go for it, and if it did not turn out as you wanted, simply say so, or at the very best, you make a new friend.

Awww, for the first time you talk serious without putting in jokes. :slight_smile: Thanks ian.

Hmm…maybe you are righT. But I still could not go pass my ego to go to one of this blind date thingy. It is just so…“lame” for me.

A friend of mine went on a blind date and shares her experience. It was just so ridiculous. They went for coffee for the first blind date and it went well. So they went for sushi on their second date and he ruined it. He talked with his mouth full, and spat soem rice on the table. That was a turn off! Now, if I was her I would pointed out that is disgusting. (He could probably read my expression that I was digust by it) Haaa…ewww…let alone you might have to kiss him later on in the relationship. Yuck! Oh! Oh! I have also gone out with a guy who stuff teh salad in his mouth wide open with salad dressing dripping from his mouth. Gulp! That is a turn off.

Ian what is the biggest “turn off” act for you?

I forgot to mention that men can really screw up an impression in a date, and there are many ways to go about it… and also, it’s better to let them know about it than not to tell them of their habits. They learn faster that way…

Well, my biggest turn-off? Hmmm… women who smoke and women who a ct like a real btch. I don’t smoke myself, which really explains it. And no guy would ever like a complete btch.

who say a guy dont like a complete btch? for sure they would like a btch just to f*ck…hahaha…sorry…out of topic a bit…

anyway…if u go for a blind date, just make sure your friends are near u…what i mean is, say like u go eat pizza at parkson there, make sure your friend is at parkson too…just in case anything happened to u…they might come in time to help u out…

but be careful when u go out on a blind date…another thing, throw away your ego… :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with isoundstream on ur friends to be near by. Nowadays, not safe. Always be prepare.

Just take it as first time meeting a new friend (don;t use the term blind date, ur ego would be fine, i guess), who knows maybe in future there might be some business deals between u and his company. Take it as a chance to increase your network.

All the best on meeting a new friend.

[quote=“nightwing”]Agree with isoundstream on ur friends to be near by. Nowadays, not safe. Always be prepare.

Applies to around here anyways…

[quote=“isoundstream”]who say a guy dont like a complete btch? for sure they would like a btch just to f*ck…hahaha…sorry…out of topic a bit…

The topic is ‘dating’ not ‘night service’. Or ‘rape’ for that matter.

hehehe…ready your umbrella before it rains…maybe u can ask ian to be around…or else…ask MGK9 to become your security… :stuck_out_tongue:

agree with nightwing…use the term first meeting instead of blind date eventho first meeting may not sound good…but who cares anyway how does it sound…as long as u’re enjoying your first meet…

if everything doesnt turn out well with that guy…then it’s the end of the road lor… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm…agrre to what you all said. Still cannot get rid of mt “ego”. It has been a round for a long time. Nah…I will drop the date.

I do know men who like b**ches. Oh well… my turn off act from a guy is when they don’t have hygene and table manners. That is it.

I have past the being “curious” age. So, I do not need more friends. What I need is have close, loyal friends. That is enough. Hmm…am I getting out of line here? Haa…I am drunk!

In conclusion, I will not attaend any of this blind date. :slight_smile:

By the way, none of you have been to blind date-kah? No one is sharing their experience? Hmm…

i have few blind date story to share…actually i got a lot of blind date story but i’ll share just a few only…

im from miri and used to study at inti college subang jaya there…i was boring and go internet to search for online friends…got this 2 gurl…1 is from pahang and the other one is from rawang…i dont know how the h*ll two of them get hooked up with me and started to have a relationship…

the gurl from pahang go all the way down from pahang to kl just to meet me…using a bus…we supposed to meet at klcc…as the date and time reached…i was on my way to klcc…she describe about her to me… example, what she is wearing and where she will be waiting for me…

so when i reached there…i saw this gurl wearing the description as the one that i supposed to meet, i terus cabut lari…hahahaha…that time i was really mean…she email me her photo and that was not like the one that are supposed to be…so i just f*ck off from there…she cheat me, so i run away… lol…

the second gurl…from rawang…also going to meet her at klcc…that time i was late a bit because of the public transport…so the gurl went to a restaurant with her friend behind the mandarin oriantal hotel…so i have to walk over there…never thought that she is kinda huge size…

at first it all went okey…i sit down with her and her friends…chit chatting…then…after finish “dating” for that day…i went on hiding…never answer her call and sms anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:

such a bad experience…for guys out there…never find an online gf…if wanna find as a friend only is okey…i learned my lesson… :slight_smile:

Haaa…that is internet dating!!! haaaaa…
See? you judge on their looks. So, it is normal lah. I do not like to judge other people and I do not like to be judged. Malu lah…for both parties. Haa…

Oh, now that I remembered during high school, I was dragged by a friend of mine to go on a date with her. The other guy brought a friend so she brought me. I went not knowing it was a date. And his friend likes me and I didn’t like him. Then he kept calling and spoke openly how he felt for me. I couldnt get rid of him. This went on for a month or so. I could not “tahan” so I had to say something rude to him to make him stop calling me. I did and he stopped. (Sorry, i am not going to tell what I said to him lah. It was mean!) :slight_smile: I didnt mean it though. I just want to get rid of him.

sometimes…we have to be mean…but we must use it in the correct way and correct time…cannot simply be mean…anyway…it’s better to make a gathering to meet each other rather than going for a blind date…it’s better to bring your friend along…what do u say?

Not sure about bringing friends…

Sorry, isoundstream, but that doesn’t even sound like a proper date… more like a first time meet. A date is going out with someone you’ve met first.

Plus about the bringing friends thing, it’s normal for us here because sometimes it isn’t safe.

Usually we just go as a group outing (usually eating, or a movie), and most of us know each other but one of them bring in someone new to the group to try to know them. Us asians just do things this way. For example, The Japanese go on group meets, a group of guys and a group of girls. They talk about what they have in common etc and see if that worked out, then when they get to know them and are comfortable enough, they can do the ‘normal’ 2 person ‘dating’ routine. They have a term for that but I can’t quite recall what it is. ‘Konpa’ or something.

Not directly saying that we are the same as Japanese, but the traits are similar.

Of course, we still have such things as ‘arranged marriages’.

Personally, I think that you should be honest to the guy on how you feel toward him and make sure he ‘gets it’ because he may be too blinded to realise what a fool he is. Dragging it for too long would not be too healthy. A slightly less rude alternative is perhaps better but if he’s so blind a rude one could work…

Actually blind date can turn fun, or sour. still, to me the most important aspect of blind date is - what to expect from this ‘activity’.

to me, going for blind date is fun. talking about the attitude like the so called disgusting, improper way of munching food and so on, i think that guy is just being honest to himself. think it’s better than people pretend to be ‘perfect’ - well although i must admit first impression is very important, but i believe in giving people second chance. Only ‘one’ second chance is enough though!!

For girls: Do keep an open mind about his appearances. Try not to conjure up an image of what you consider a good looking man. In fact, expect the worst. That way, you don’t get disappointed and leave room in your head to measure up the guy’s personality.

If you feel uncomfortable, you don’t have to speak when you’re on the blind date. Just be yourself and don’t think about impressing the guy. That will come later as a pleasant surprise for him.

Try to make the date as short as possible. If the guy turns out to be a total bomb, you can get away faster if you’re just meeting for coffee or lunch.

The fact is, blind dates are never comfortable and too often, completely a waste of time. Keep your expectations low, and devise an escape plan just in case.

And for the boys: You can take her to dinner & a movie,or dancing. First impressions are very important,be nice. Don’t worry about kissing her at the end of the date. If she wants you to kiss her she’ll let you know. Either by telling you,or some gesture she makes.

You may want to move slowly towards her,if she moves towards you,then the kiss is on. Make it short and sweet,no tongue on the first date. You don’t know if she is into that,so keep it in your mouth.

Also,no roaming hands,that is one of the fastest ways to end the date early. The main thing is to show her a good time. Take thing one step at a time. This is a blind date,you don’t know if you will like her attitude or personality. The same goes for her. Have fun.

Well said qmk9133! Thumbs up for you.

Salute to you qmk9133, great stuff.

pssst Stef! How’s yr blind date? I’m so sorry I was not there with u. Otherwise, I can go with you lah. Who knows your Mr. Right is right there waiting for you leh!!