Blackout on Taib-related news?

Blackout on Taib-related news?

Taib Mahmud must be shitting in his pants and cannot sleep at night !

Joseph Tawie
| December 16, 2011

Is Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud rattled by documented revelations of his immense wealth?

KUCHING: Has the Sarawak Chief Minister succumbed to pressure over widespread reports and allegations of his wealth which in Malaysia alone is said to be US$1.46 billion and declared war on the media?

Yesterday, newsmen were barred from from entering Wisma Bapa Malaysia where the ministers in CM Taib Mahmuds state cabinet held their weekly meeting.

In the last 30 years, since Taib took over the state, it has been a tradition that a post-Cabinet meeting press conference is held to inform the media of updates, issues and discussions held between state ministers and Taib in regards to the respective ministeries policies and plans.

But yesterday, the tradition lapsed as reporters were left standing at the door.

We were shocked to see the notice pasted at the gatehouse at Wisma Bapa Malaysia. It has never been done before, said a senior reporter with a Chinese daily.

According to the guards, they received the instruction the previous day. No reason was given to stop the pressmen from even entering the building.

Documentary evidence of wealth

Lately, news of Taibs alleged corruption has been hitting newspaper headlines and news portals around the world with the latest revelations that he and his family members have allegedly amassed some US$1.46 billion.

The disclosure was made in a letter sent to various authorities in Malaysia by international and Malaysian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) based in six countries.

Inside the letter were documentary evidence and exhibits.

Among others, the letter claims that Taib and his family members own stakes in 322 Malaysian and 85 foreign companies, of which the 14 largest Malaysian companies alone would amount for US$1.46 billion of the familys wealth.

The letter was addressed to the Inspector General of Police, the Attorney General and the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission with copies extended to major foreign embassies in the country, cabinet ministers, heads of governments and prosecutors in seven countries and top executives of multinational companies which conduct business in or with Sarawak as well as top media editors.

Sarawak PKR Chief Baru Bian has demanded police, AG and MACC to respond and carry out an immediate investigation.

He described it as the grandest scandal of all of them.

In last months meeting of the State Legislative Assembly, Speaker Asfia Awang Nassar banned all questions and debates by the opposition members relating to wealth allegedly owned by Taib and his family.

Anyone who tried to raise the issue was immediately stopped with his microphone switched off. His statement on the issue was expunged from the Hansard.

This happened to Wong King Wei, DAP assemblyman for Padungan, whose speech on Taibs children having properties in Miri was expunged.

When the assemblyman questioned the decision of the Speaker he was ordered out of the August House.

Any idea how Taib Mahmud get money out of Sarawak and Malaysia overseas ?

If he did nto declare them, he will be committing a crime under the MOney laundering Act.

If he and/or his family earned their money overseas, did they declare the income they made in those country to teh Tax office ?

don’t worry, ‘Taib’ will fall one day, he not immortal you know. leave him be…

haih give up la…he is still a beloved chief minister for rural folks

maybe the meeting is held to see how all evidence of his wonder antics can be erased…