Blackout blamed on sabotage

Transformer totally damaged, causing 18 hours of darkness; 2,000 Miri residents affected

MIRI: A Sarawak Sesco Berhad electricity transformer was totally damaged last night, believed to be sabotaged, causing an 18-hour power supply disruption to some 2,000 residents in Piasau, here.

The blackout lasted from 10.40 on Saturday night to 4.12pm yesterday.

A Sarawak Sesco staff when contacted said work to restore supply to the area could not be carried out immediately as the whole transformer had to be replaced.

Information obtained from the contractor involved in restoring the power supply, told Bernama yesterday that their inspection revealed that someone had drained out a few hundred litres of lubricant required to run the transformer, causing it to burn out.

The contractor said work to replace the transformer only started yesterday morning as they could not get the replacement unit immediately from Sarawak Sesco on Saturday night.

Sarawak Sescos northern region manager Polycarp Wong could not be contacted to comment on the incident.


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Could be a disgruntle customer over their electricity cut off because of unpaid bills.

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