Black Cat Missing in Senadin

My cat, Bagheera, was last seen on Saturday morning, 23 August 2008. He has black fur all over. A domestic short hair cat. Has light green eyes. Long tail. Wears a black collar with gold-like metal straps. Missing a nail on his right hind leg. Has a small white, bald spot on his tummy. He is 1.5 years old.

I live in Senadin, my house is near DPS.

Please help me. I want him to come home…

I don’t really have a lot of clear full bodied pic of my cat because he’s all black and it’s so hard to see his face on camera.


Hi blackcat,

Welcome to and I am sorry to hear about your missing cat. To upload photos, you may try to edit your original post above by clicking on the “edit” button at the top-right corner then proceed to click on the “upload attachment” tab when composing your message then click the “browse” button to locate the image to upload. Hope that makes sense. Let us know if you need further assistance with the image upload.

hope you find your cat cat…

Thank you so much, Jack. I didn’t see the Upload Attachment tab.

My cat is still missing and I hope he’s just lost, finding a way to come back home. I still search and ask around for my cat. Weirdly, nobody has seen a black cat except for one friend. But even that I’m not sure if it was my own cat.

Pic not so clear but at least the whole body is shown.

hm, under some tyres…
or in the drain?

male cat?
mayb he went cari pasangan?

cat will alwez return to his owner room unless something bad happen or kena culik

i saw many black cat around rubbish bin behind DPS. maybe u spend sometime to shot at there. hope u will find it.

guess its already been steamrolled by some big pajero already…

Now mating season not much of surprise hahaha who know it will bring back a couple more :smiley:

wah go out to the road liao i think is ahrd to find lo… so many wild dogs outside…

if still cannot find, then you go steal away coolman’s cat.

Dun worry yur cat just lepaking outside for Merdeka holiday. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: .
My cat been away for 1 week and when it get back home he sleep all day happily…must be tired journey.

must be you are a bad owner… :twisted: :twisted:

Thanks for the response guys. My cat dah kena potong (neutered) so he doesn’t have any sexual drive anymore. It’s irresponsible of me if I don’t do that. And if he’s anywhere near my house, he would have come home long time ago.

20v: Don’t say that… :cry: It’s a thought I try not to entertain so much.

GTSW20: Nah, I don’t want any other cat except for Bagheera right now hehe.

tonyops: Ya I tot abt that too… :expressionless: Can’t help feeling guilty.

It’s been more than 3 weeks but hope still remains that he’s alive somewhere.

there’s a lot of black cats used to hang at my house but I dun have any idea if one of it urs but I’ll let you know if it looks the same though

i thinks the cat dont wanna go home already…cant imagine 1 group of wild dog,bully tat cat…

i dont think dogs in miri bully cat lah…i’ve seen many cats and dogs live in harmony together…dont worry,its probably go for vacation…that cat is not looking expensive…i dont think anyone would interested to steal it…my house here lots of black cat like it…