I would like favor from u guys

I try to download using bitcomet on 3G and there is a yellow light right below bitcomet with messange Your listen port is blocked. You can still download but the speed may not be very fast. Please check your firewall and NAT router configuration

Is there anytime to do with 3G ISP or my device ? Im using Vista SP1 on XPS and Vodafone E220 usb modem.

3G from all service providers block P2P download. Sorry …

Thats mean i have to use tunnel to download… no choice

What to do?

use xunlei, can use 3G to dl .

yeah i know xunlei can download but mostly with chinese subtitle.

Right you may try some Chinese Software or flashget

xunlei always make my pc hang, i still prefer bitcomet, especially the older version…

try flashget then …

i run xunlei 24/7. The best is it can run till max speed. Bitcomet run at throttled speed.
My RM66 package can dl at average 52kb/sec usng xunlei. But bitcomet sometime only 15-20kb/sec.

i use cracked bitcomet, most of the time can reach 60kb/sec.

Well Ra, let try see if the solution can break thru 3G filtering criteria …

seriously?!! :shock:

where u get it?

MUST have a solution :stuck_out_tongue:

where do u get it ?

Syent, nah … you tell people can, you better teach people ar … now Ra & haroldz eyes big big waiting for you ooo …

my sister sent to me…by email…
if u want i can forward to you, but make sure u give ur email to me…

its the modded bitcomet rite? Yep, its faster than the normal BC. Xunlei has an english translation out - its called Thunder in English. YOu might want to download the language pack somewhere (just google it)

I kinda gave up on torrents using Malaysian ISP. I’ve tried bitcomet modded, utorrent, I also subscribed for VPN before (faster speeds than normal but still not that fast). So now i switched to Rapidshare. So convenient. I bought a RS premium account for RM25/mth then download sampai puas. Only thing is that there’s a limit or 50gb for 5 days. The speeds? Well…

The download speeds flunctuate but its still quite fast. A full season of tv series can be downloaded in 2-3 hrs max… My connection is rather slow coz I’m using wireless shared between 4 computers. If I had the connection all to myself and it’s wired, it’ll be a lot faster.

Best part is, no need to wait for lots of seeders or peers.

Question : Which version u are using ? Free version or paid ?

3G? use modded version of bitcomet 0.66, at least it can reach up to 20KB if u r using D68. But if u have streamyx 1MB, that one even better…can reach to 100KB+
here is the link
(credit to xtreme_paranoid, member of )
Don’t worry about the port forwading thing, it will automatically bypass it. I don’t know how many movies,songs etc… that i’ve downloaded with this modded ver.
hehehehe :mrgreen: