Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Anyone?

So i believe most Mirians if you follow the news you’d prolly heard of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoins and the like right?
im invested heavily in Dogecoin Im just wondering, anyone else who is fancying this new crptocurrency meme?

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Heck yeah! Fellow doge user! Josh Wise 98! Dogeracer! Doge4foundation :slight_smile: head down and check out

Wholly goodness we have 2 Mirian Shibe? We have Mirian Shibes!!! Im a redditor shibe myself. Call the mods! We need tip jars in!!!

I wanna tip you, any ways i can do that here?

[quote=“Awesomian1st”]Wholly goodness we have 2 Mirian Shibe? We have Mirian Shibes!!! Im a redditor shibe myself. Call the mods! We need tip jars in!!!

I wanna tip you, any ways i can do that here?[/quote]
We gotta tip newshibes and poorshibes mate! and spread the dogecoin love :wink:

i want to try mining with my new i7 quad core 3.50...

will it be fast?

sorry, was in the toilet so late reply    

so did you tried mining @Kony2016?

Never tried it, but I’ve heard a lot about these bitcoins and dodge coins. I didn’t know much about the point to them. I mean why not just use real money? I might just be too dense to understand though. Haha. What is the rage behind them?

What’s “real money” by your definition may i ask? is it “real” because a government creates it? What if some obscure country made a new currency, would that be “real money” by your standards? also, pointing to a very close-to-home incident where because a few person f*cked-up, the currency of a whole country drops almost 25% in less than 3 months time, imagine you had 10,000 unit worth of those money and it can buy 10,000 bananas 1 year ago, then something happened and now you can only buy 7500 bananas with the same amount. many people would accept that as fate since they dont know better. however, some people dont want to risk their wealth devaluing because a country’s fat leader got involved in a money scandal (not pointing fingers here). so they store their wealth in other forms. Bitcoin isnt “governed” by any country or entity, so it’s value entirely depends on what people perceives it to be (like gold and silver and gundam collection). and is in limited supply (like gold and silver and gundam collection). and easy put, Bitcoin just happens to be the newest alternative currency in town.

As for Dogecoin… well, it started as a joke (and it actually still is). You can say that its a “hyperinflated” version of bitcoin with the aim of allowing people to own 100k of dogecoins at a time For The Lulz. its really just one of the many other altcoins out there and in happens to be my personal favourite so thats why i brought it up. (i personally owned somewhere below 1 mil of dogecoin which in reality worth somewhere around $100++… for fun)

Tihis post is a bit long. TL;DR Bitcoin worth very many money, for good reasons

IS this a legit thing!? Omgosh this is hilarious and cute all at the same time! I use paypal and traditional currency still. I never used anything else and don’t intend on doing so.

First of all. Welcome to Miri Community (i like to think it’s the original one)!

As for Bitcoin… yep… totally legit. so much that a few government outright banned the use (but srsly, how can they even monitor something they dont know anything about) to protect their own currency.

im not preaching fire and brimstone on fiat currency tho. Rome isn’t built in a day and just like clam shells and YuanBao, i wanna believe that the “government controlled” money is not the final evolution of trade currency. A perfect capitalist society shud have it’s currency decided by what the market determines it to be, not some guy with a Political Science degree saying “Print more Dolla Bills to pay em’ national debts” hint hint