Bitcoin users in Miri anyone?

(Awesomian1st) #41

Coinhive made the news sometimes ago and has since been negatively painted by the mass media. Very sad as it could have been one way for visitors to support a website/blog/forum.

But i’m watching closely this new project called the Smart Media Token. Which in theory lets fans or members perform non-zerosum microtransaction to tip within a community. Very promising tech that’s perfect for a forum/blog or any online community activities… as soon as there’s a product of course.

imagine a with “like” feature but the person being liked actually gets some small amount of money… :moneybag: :dollar:

(Jackson Liaw) #42

Mining for Monero here. Not up to the level of exchanging/spending yet. :yum:

Coinhive is still a good way for sites to replace banner ads if users opt-in to help out in return for contents. Not that profitable for smartphones users thought. But if you have idle PCs sitting around with internet connection but without antivirus or firewall (e.g. in office environment), you’ll be tempted for a quick try to mine for yourself.

SMT looks very interesting. Almost similar to the likes of paypal donate, (now defunct), and but without using own money. Lets see what it brings in 2018.

Anyway, is cloud mining really that frowned upon? First it was CPU mining. Then comes GPU mining.
Now ASIC and Cloud Mining. Honestly the whole Bitcoin (and altcoin) thingy for me is the mining part where given the resources, you can literally make your own money. But as time progresses, it gets harder to mine, hardware getting worned-out & obsolete, and reoccurring cost of rising electricity for mining. Just my limited observation.

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The reason for that is the abuse of scammers of using the premise of “cloud mining” to run their ponzi schemes… (Refer Bitclub, USI Tech, etc…) And so they literally spoil the whole market. Actual cloud mining as a service itself actually don’t promise that high of an ROI for the customers. otherwise well why would cloud mining companies rent their mining powers out? why not do it themselves?

And yes, SMT draws inspiration from tipping/donation platforms but with (IMO) major upgrades and fixes to their inherent problems (ie… people tip less if it costs them)… You can actually how it kinda works right now with the apps built on top of the Steem Blockchain, sites like, ChainBB,, and even an android app called Steepshot.

I specifically recommend you take a look at Chainbb because man oh man you’re gonna like it!

(Jackson Liaw) #44

This is my first time reading about local council shutting down bitcoin mining at home and pinned the reasons around a lot of non-related issues.

(Awesomian1st) #45

I don’t blame them for the raid.

and also hijacking residential power to run massive mining servers arent ethical.