Bitcoin users in Miri anyone?

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just look at the news on Bitcoin lately
bitcoin - Google Search

don’t listen to the trolls / haters above dude

i support you

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Nah, they’re not haters or trolls. no haters or trolls in here. just ppl with different opinions and perspective (and some drunk talk) lol.

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I have heard about them, but I’ve never used them myself. I didn’t see the point in them. But I would like to know why people use them in general? Can someone explain?

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This Video made it silly simple for starters to understand. :smile:
This slightly longer video kinda breaks down the pros of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies, really).
This WatchMojo Video gives their “10 facts” of bitcoin, easy to watch and understand.

Hope i help!!

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My friend says she never has, I have not either. I am honestly not even sure how they work.

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Well at least i hoped the vids i posted will help answer some of your question or least let you grasp the fundemantals of it.:blush:

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As of today 1 bitcoin equal to US4,300

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Feels nice to be the early birds of a trend everyone will get into

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Today 1 Bitcoin value at US$7,313…it never stop climbing!!!

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That’s impressive. But for late-comers in mining, I am currently trying out web mining using and for Monero. Interesting method using consumer-grade CPUs.

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Bro try Bitclub Network mining, they have a huge mining farm in iceland and also have a shared pool in Bitcoin Hashrate Distribution -…theres where top legit big bitcoin mining company

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Please dont ask other people to join that scam. And if you do please withdraw as quickly as possible… There’s no way you will ROI on Bitclub… I dont understand why people still fall for that ponzi scam.

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So glad i made this thread running since February 2015…

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Bitclub doesn’t promise ROI, read it first before claiming it a scam. And I want to ask you is blockchain a scam?

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This is from 2014. and largely had not changed at all other than scaling up and becoming more bold in their campaigns.

the video screams ROI… (you do know what is ROI right?). And worse, the video blatantly claims “bitcoin only gonna go up”… which is not only wrong but a dangerous assumption to be telling people.

“Bitclub Network has huge potential, dont miss it!”

That’s their tagline…

It’s classic ponzi talk bro/sis… no solid fundamentals and “make money out of thin air” sentiment. with the only promise is that the asset will inflate in value “so you need to get in now by paying us!!!”. tricking naive newbies with the illusion of urgency and promise of riches.

Just be honest to yourself, Will you be referring Bitclub Network to MiriCommunity if there is no referral bonus and “Network marketing earnings”?

I dont know about other companies or schemes as they did not cross my radar yet. But Bitclub Network is a scam!!

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Ok ok…its a scam but they never miss paid its member since 2014 and you haven’t answer my question regarding the blockchain, is blockchain a scam? and are all companies mining own shared there are all scam?

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Bitcoin is in a bubble and things are good. of course bitclub would want to stay a lil longer.

“A ponzi scheme scam isnt a ponzi scheme scam until it collapse.”

well that’s a very dangerous assumption. it’s why people lose so much money again and again. Scams are scams are scams, there are cookie cutter signs and hints people can see easily. Bitclub screams scam, see post above.

is blockchain a scam

this question is invalid. [the] Blockchain is a database created through a set of techs that has some features that is superior to other types of database.

in face… thanks for asking! i’ve been needing to use this quote on the ELI5 definition of blockchain.

A blockchain is effectively a database but:

  1. Once a data is stored in that database, it can never be modified or deleted for ever. Records on the blockchain is permanent for eternity as long as it is being maintained.

  2. no single individual or entity maintains a blockchain, several thousand individuals and entities do. And everyone has a copy of the blockchain with them.

And so its a technology. there is no such thing as “invest in blockchain” as much as “invest in internet”.

We invest in companies, ventures, and projects…
We buy and own bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

which is another reason why i have bias against bitclub, because all their sales pitches are misleading in that for a totally green guy, bitclub paints a picture of “Bitclub=Bitcoin”… and dont tell me to read between the lines. Scam victims dont read between the lines by design of the scammers. I’m telling it as it is. As any newcomer to bitclub “what is bitcoin” and i can confirm they will blab something like “bitclub=bitcoin”… the whole marketing resource is designed that way…

BitclubNetwork is a company, the same way is a company. Both built their company around Bitcoin. But i rather put money in because the company has value. rather than Bitclub that is a ponzi and cloud mining scams.

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ENOUGH about any companies, this thread focuses on who uses/supports BItcoin (or any cryptocurrencies) in Miri, sorry for my going off on a tangent but lets keep within topic…

other than Bitcoin… anyone uses altcoins?