Bird's Nest Love Gift

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A gift for your love one, your baby, your sweet heart.

Each gift box contains 8g of bird’s nest.

Price offered is RM120 included postage charged.

Hurry up while stock last.

Kindly pm me if you are interested.


Wow… a good way of doing business @ RM120 per piece of bird nest… :roll: :roll: :roll:
Bird nest for the love one… a potential Valentine Gift… hehehe
Personally, I would rather buy the bird nest locally without the “love” gift box…

:lol: :lol:

Another set of gift for your sweetiest, honey, mother, pregnant women as well as your caring husband.

Each love gift box contains 2 pieces of edible bird’s nest which weigt is 8g each.

Priced offered is RM220 included postage charged.

hahha, the price for one piece of bird’s nest cup is rm16.90-18.90 per gram in market.
I wana make everybody can consume bird’s nest in a cheaper price and lower quantity of weight when purchase.
Normally, we would prefer per tale which is 38gram rather than sell one piece lah


hey yong, how is your cave nest ah?
kindly pm me yr price due to some of my cuctomers are looking for it