Bintang Plaza, Miri

Bintang Plaza, Miri
There are a few shopping malls in Miri. The most crowded and popular one should be Bintang Plaza/Bintang MegaMall, which started business in year 1996. It is currently the only complex with both Cineplex and bowling alley in Miri. Besides that, you can find McDonalds, Coffee Bean, Starbucks Coffee, Delifrance, King’s Archery Sports Centre, Skin Food, Pizza Hut, Popular Bookstore, Aussino, Parkson Grand etc there too. … -miri.html

Are you Mirian,or you’re trying to advertise this mall?

I’m from Kuching. :slight_smile:
Just wanna share about what i had seen in Miri.

owh…then i wont insult u then.
mirian all sure knw about the mall.
thanks for the compliment =D
The Sprig is good also ma…been there 1 we
ek ago xD

wait for Merdeka Mall…MYY Mall… =)

No offense. :slight_smile:

Open in May/June/July… :slight_smile: